Yukking it up in Creekside 

Dusty’s dishes up regular comedy night throughout winter season

click to enlarge A Toast... Wool raises his glass, and a few laughs, this weekend.
  • A Toast... Wool raises his glass, and a few laughs, this weekend.

What: Comedy Night with Glenn Wool & Dan Quinn

When: Sunday, Jan. 18, 8 p.m.

Where: Dusty’s

Admission: $10

Got a case of the winter blahs? Well, Dusty’s has just the thing to bring you out of that funk. They’re bringing in the big guns — comedians Glenn Wool and Dan Quinn — to bring down the house with a chorus of giggles, guffaws and gut-wrenching laughs.

Originally from Vancouver, Wool spent almost a decade living in the United Kingdom, after a car accident left him with whiplash, and he won big on a scratch ticket.

“I had the Earl mustache long before that show was out, right down to winning all that money on a scratch ticket.”

He must have been the inspiration for the title character from “My Name is Earl.”

With his combined fortune, Wool strapped a heavy backpack on and left the country.

“I went backpacking through Europe, which is the only way to get over whiplash, by the way,” he said. “…To this day, I have not had a problem with it, so you can say what you like about my system, but it works.”

Apparently, his sense of humour translated well with a European crowd.

“I need English speakers,” he pointed out. “… It’s not the kind of thing you can fake. Like, you can tell people you’re a painter and you can paint something. But you can’t just make the sounds that you think they want to hear.”

His act is often based on his personal observations about life; so generally speaking, the material is easy to relate to.

“I’ve got a bit of a British outlook on life, so I fit right in,” he added.

When probed further about this “British outlook,” Wool admitted with a laugh, “I drink a lot, Holly!”

Now, he has been working as a comedian for over 15 years, only recently returning to Canada.

“It’s weird, I’m in Vernon right now,” he said wistfully. “And just thinking about the last time I was here, just how much wiser I am. And a lot fatter, too.”

Now, he’s become a self-described gypsy, packing up his belongings and preparing to hit the road for the next year or so. Wool will be touring throughout Canada for the remainder of January, before he heads to the States for a three-month tour.

“And then I’m famous after that,” he deadpans. “That’s the game plan. I’m going to buy Michael Jackson’s (Neverland Ranch). Bigger rides when I take over, though — and I’m talking about the things out back.”

While the idea of getting up on stage with the sole purpose of eliciting laughs from a crowd of strangers may be enough to make most people’s palms sweat and heart race, Wool and his comedic counterparts seem to thrive on the feeling.

“The hardest part of the gig is the 10 minutes right before you go on stage. For me, it’s just because I want to be on stage,” he explained. “… it’s like a junkie waiting for his dealer to show… or a fat guy waiting for cake.”

Even the odd heckler doesn’t seem to shake him.

“Generally, they’ve got different reasons for doing it, and it’s never really to help the show,” he said. “When it’s helping the show, I’m up for it.”

But people who insist on talking to their friends during the show may want to sit this one out, or at least come prepared to deal with a pissed-off, quick-witted comedian.

“I played a gig the other night, it was my first gig back in Canada for like 10 years or so, and it was a bar gig and this woman was at the back, and not only talking, but walking around the table to talk to people,” he recalled.

Dusty’s will be hosting a comedy night on the second Sunday of every month until April, so if you don’t have a chance to check Wool and Quinn out this weekend, feel free to come out for a fill of laughter later in the season.


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