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community forum

As a developing community, Whistler has its share of problems. A healthy community forum designed to dissect, discuss and design solutions for the holes in Whistler's services is on the way.

steel workers

House to house battle underway The union battle in Whistler has moved to the streets and the house to house fighting has began.


Housing horror stories are not uncommon in Whistler, but Monday’s video presentation to council presented graphic evidence of how desperate the housing situation has become.


German company finishing in Canada The timing building at the finish of this year's Warsteiner World Downhill has something in common with the Canadian pavilion at the world exposition in Seville, Spain: the roof and siding material was supplied by a

news in 5

Union meeting on shaky ground A Town Hall meeting to debate the current union push underway in Whistler is still on, but union organizers from the United Steelworkers of America will not commit to the meeting until they see a final list of panelists.


Affordable housing in Millar's Pond expected by winter The Whistler Valley Housing Society has a plan to build some affordable housing in time for next winter, but meeting the long-term housing requirements of the community is still going to be diffi

diesel ad

1 800 read this A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is delighted that his 1-800 number is prominently featured in an ad in the World Cup Program.

freedom to read

Intellectual freedom supported If you are a fan of Pique Newsmagazine and would like to read about the latest happenings from Whistler you won't be able to do it at any of the libraries of the Fraser Valley Regional Library Board.

town hall

Organizing for a union meeting The union debate has the potential to fracture Whistler as a community, according to Independent MLA David Mitchell.


Rent increases must be justified Landlords who want to get large increases in rent will have to prove in writing they need the money.