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Bear and cub sighted near Elk Lake home

Seen on Brookleigh Road near Hamsterly Beach; appear to be non-aggressive.
Bears have been sighted in the 600-block of Brookleigh Road in Saanich. VIA SAANICH POLICE

Police are advising residents to secure their pets and animals after a bear and its cub were sighted near Elk Lake in Saanich on Sunday afternoon.

Conservation officers have been notified, Saanich police said in a statement.

Police said that the bears, which were seen on a property in the 600-block of Brookleigh Road near Hamsterly Beach, appeared to be non-aggressive.

The B.C. government recommends that garbage, bird seed, compost and pet food be kept away from wildlife to prevent possible conflicts.

Anyone who encounters a bear is advised to remain calm, stay away, and go indoors.

Bear sighting reports can be made to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service’s 24-hour RAPP hotline at ­1-877-952-7277 .

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