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There are a few special emails for specific submissions, linked here:

For all else, please use our general contacts below or call us at 604-938-0202. Thank you!

604-938-0202 ext 44237

Publisher Sarah Strother 604-938-0202 ext 44223
Editor Braden Dupuis 604-938-0202 ext 44227
Sales Manager Susan Hutchinson 604-938-0202 ext 44226
General Contacts  
General Inquiries [email protected]  
Classified Ads [email protected]  
General Display Advertising [email protected]  
Features [email protected]  
Entertainment [email protected]  
Sports [email protected]  
Production [email protected]  
Accounting [email protected]  
Advertising Representatives    
  Tessa Sweeney 604-938-0202 ext 44225
  Georgia Butler 604-938-0202 ext 44224
  Catherine Power-Chartrand 604-938-0202 ext 44241
 Whistler Magazine Sales  
  Catherine Power-Chartrand 604-938-0202 ext 44241
Sales Coordinator Katie Bechtel 604-938-0202 ext 44240
Production Manager Amir Shahrestani 604-938-0202 ext 44233
Pique Art Director Jon Parris 604-938-0202 ext 44252
Features Editor and Reporter Brandon Barrett 604-938-0202 ext 44237
Arts Editor and Reporter Alyssa Noel 604-938-0202 ext 44231
Sports Reporter David Song  
LJI Reporter Róisín Cullen  
Reporter Scott Tibballs 604-938-0202 ext 44255
Reception Reception 604-938-0202
Accounting Heidi Rode 604-938-0202 ext 44222

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada. Nous reconnaissons l'appui financier du gouvernement du Canada.