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Dog that mortally injured another dog at Willows Beach has been euthanized


An off-leash dog that fatally injured another dog on Willows Beach has been euthanized by its owners.

Carol Parlow was walking her dog with a leash on Tuesday morning when an off-leash dog ran up to him. The other dog bit and shook her 10-year-old chihuahua mix, named Champ.

Champ was put down following the attack when it became clear that he could not survive his injuries.

Parlow said on Saturday that the family who owns the other dog has since come forward to animal control.

The family has taken full responsiblity for the incident and has offered to compensate her vet bills, she said. “I don’t know much more about the circumstances, but they euthanized their dog … there are two very sad families now.”

Willows Beach — like much of Greater Victoria’s shoreline — is part of the Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which does not allow for dogs and cats to run at large below the high-tide line.

Those violating the rules can face a significant fine, but leash rules are not always followed.

Parlow said she continues to see many off-leash dogs on Willows Beach.

“I would like that the rules be clarified and enforced,” she said. “I think people still haven’t gotten the message.”

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