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Most Canadians support COVID-19 testing policy for Chinese travellers, survey finds

Some survey respondents don't believe the policy will be effective.
Two in five Canadians say they plan to travel more in 2023.

Canada is among countries that have mandated a coronavirus testing policy for travellers entering Canada from China.

A recent survey from the Angus Reid Institute found that most Canadians support this requirement but are uncertain about whether it will reduce COVID-19 cases in Canada.

Thirty-eight per cent of those surveyed said the policy won't be effective, and 28 per cent stated they're unsure.

Canada isn't the only country to have a COVID-19 policy for China. In early January, South Korea and Japan introduced an entry requirement on travellers from China.

Where South Korea stopped issuing tourist visas, Japan has mandated negative COVID-19 tests and limited flight travel into the country. The Chinese government has since stopped issuing visas to Korean and Japanese nationals, and called the restrictions discriminatory. 

In Canada, 13 per cent of Canadians believe this policy is racist, compared to the 73 per cent of individuals who do not believe it is. 

The main concern from people opposing this policy is that it may inspire Sinophobia towards Chinese-Canadians.