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Alleged Hells Angel loses extradition appeal to U.S. to face drug charges

A man who allegedly "planned and initiated" the transportation of cocaine and heroin from the U.S. into Canada has lost an appeal of his extradition.
A redacted version of the appeal court's decision is expected at a later date.

B.C.’s Court of Appeal has denied an alleged Hells Angels member’s appeal of his extradition to the U.S. to face drug-related charges.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice David Crossin ordered David James Oliynyk, a.k.a. Nick Oliynyk, extradited April 2, 2020.

Part of the identifying of Oliynyk, Crossin said, was a Hells Angels symbol tattooed on his back.

The U.S. sought his extradition for prosecution for drug trafficking offences allegedly committed in Washington state.

Crossin said the U.S. provided records containing evidence and information it relied on in support of its request.

“It is submitted this evidence supports the allegation that Mr. Oliynyk was part of a group that planned and initiated the transportation of cocaine and heroin from the United States into Canada,” Crossin said of the offences alleged to have taken place between May and October 2014.

The group was reportedly made up of Oliynyk, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Wayne Stephen Hollaus, Nikolai Terletsky and Charles Pak, according to court documents. They are the subject of separate extradition proceedings.

The appeal court did not release reasons for its decision; rather, it issued a statement until a redacted version of the decision might be released.

“The full reasons for judgment and the record of proceedings in this court and in the Supreme Court of British Columbia are subject to sealing orders necessary to protect privileges and confidential information,” the statement said.