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B.C. launches economic recovery task force

Senior government officials, First Nations and business leaders to work on government’s economic response to the COVID-19 crisis
Photo courtesy of Province B.C.

Victoria has launched an economic recovery task force to advise the provincial government on its economic response to the COVID-19 crisis and discuss the province's long-term economic recovery.

The task force includes the premier and senior cabinet ministers, and leaders from First Nations, business, labour and the not-for-profit sector. Participating organizations include the Business Council of B.C., the BC Chamber of Commerce, the BC Federation of Labour, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade and the Surrey Board of Trade.

"COVID-19 is not only a public-health challenge, but also an economic one. People and businesses urgently need support," said Premier John Horgan in a news release.

"This task force will help us keep in close contact with community leaders to ensure the steps we are taking now are working and to plan for a long-term economic recovery after the crisis has passed."

The group will help ensure provincial relief programs and benefits are working. It will discuss ways to ensure information is available to workers and organizations, and explore a number of other issues, including the designation of essential and critical services, and safe workplace operations for businesses that continue to operate during the outbreak.

Task force participants will also inform government on the economic impact felt throughout the province and advise Victoria on solutions for B.C.'s long-term economic recovery.

The group will begin its work on Thursday and will meet by conference call on a weekly basis.

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