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B.C. premier checks time change mood with U.S. neighbours

Horgan wrote to governors of three states
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British Columbia Premier John Horgan says he's checking with the province's neighbours in the United States about possibly moving to a unified time zone.

Horgan says as B.C. prepares to shift its clocks to daylight time on Sunday, he wants to explore the possibility of California, Washington, Oregon and B.C. being on the same time all year long.

He says he's written to the governors of the three states asking for updates on their views about time changes.

Horgan says the issue is a matter of debate in B.C. but change isn't imminent, even though he believes it makes sense if the three states and B.C. act together on the issue.

He says if any one of the three states acted alone it would have a significant impact on B.C.

Horgan says B.C. can switch to a single time zone without federal approval but the states require an act of Congress.

"I understand that all of our Pacific coast jurisdictions are currently considering the same issue, albeit in different ways," says Horgan's letter.

"It is clear, however, that a change in any of these jurisdictions in our time zone would have significant impacts on B.C.," the letter says. "It makes sense to me that we move in unison on this matter."