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Couple's 'heartwarming' proposal at BMO marathon captured on video

She captured the special moment while waiting at the finish line for her brother.

Some people decided to run the BMO Vancouver Marathon, but two people were in the race for love.

Deeksha Suri woke up Sunday morning to watch her brother run in the May 7 race. She was waiting for him at the finish line, along with hundreds of other people, when everyone got to witness another special moment. 

“I had my phone in my hand waiting for my brother to take a video of him,” she tells Glacier Media in an interview. 

While waiting for him, she noticed two people had stopped just before the finish line. 

“And one of them just took to their knee to propose. He said a few cute words,” says Suri. “The crowd was cheering."

When she tried to read their names on the runner bib, she couldn’t make them out. 

"So I posted it online to see if they would want the video,” Suri says of publishing it to TikTok and wanting to track down the couple. “It was a very heartwarming moment and a lot of people cheered.”

After the proposal, the two crossed the finish line holding hands.

"They had a very cute moment,” she says. 

Suri would love for the couple to have the video she took.

“I would want somebody to have recorded that for my memories and I would love for them to have it.”

If you're the happy couple, get in touch with reporter Alanna Kelly, [email protected].