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Hitting a wall: Adorable bear cubs climbing in Whistler (VIDEO)

Three little cubs and an adult bear all tried to cross the highway, but one got stuck and couldn't quite make it over.

A Whistler resident got the rare opportunity to watch three baby cubs and an adult bear up-close beside the highway and wants to remind everyone to drive safely.

James Hamilton, who is originally from the United Kingdom and now lives in Whistler, says he was driving along the Sea-to-Sky Highway near Wayside Park on Tuesday when he spotted the bears.

“I was amazed seeing that. I’m never that lucky,” says Hamilton. “That was the best encounter I've had.”

Hamilton held up traffic to allow the three little cubs struggling to get over space.

“I didn’t want mama bear to get spooked and run off,” he says.

Two of the bears were able to use the holes in the road barrier to climb over, but one little one couldn’t quite make it.

Hamilton stayed in his vehicle and waited.

“They all jumped back over onto the highway and crossed into the woods,” says Hamilton.

After seeing the four bears trying to cross the highway, Hamilton is awestruck and wants to remind everyone how lucky it is to live there and be courteous to the animals that also call Whistler home.

“If posting a video of three cute little bears reminds people to do that, then that is a great thing to come out of it,” he says.

As a reminder, bears are emerging from their dens in spring and crossing through roads, trails and towns. Do not approach bears, especially for photographs.