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Man found with brass knuckles while asleep in stranger's car gets jail time

A man found asleep in a stranger's car in Vancouver last fall was discovered by police to be carrying brass knuckles, a prohibited weapon.
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A man caught with brass knuckles received a 60-day sentence in Vancouver Provincial Court.

A man found asleep in a stranger’s car while having brass knuckles in his pocket has been sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Devin McLean Brightnose, 27, pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon, Vancouver Provincial Court Judge Elizabeth Burgess heard.

Brightnose was found asleep in the back seat of a stranger’s vehicle in Vancouver on Nov. 13, Crown prosecutor Louise Gauld said.

One of the people who found him woke him up and demanded he get out of the car, she said. They alleged he was reaching into his pocket for something.

Police were called and found the brass knuckles in Brightnose’s pocket, Gauld said.

She said Brightnose is on parole following a sentence of 10 years for a manslaughter conviction in Manitoba.

Brightnose was a youth at the time but was raised to adult court on the charge in 2014, court heard.

“Mr. Brightnose does not yet know if his parole is going to be revoked,” Gauld said.

She said he remembers little of the events as he was intoxicated.

Gauld asked for a 90-day sentence.

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