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Missing a pig? Pet pig rescued from rest stop south of Prince George

The pig has overgrown hooves and needs medical treatment, Kerri Hegel of PG Tickled Pig Rescue says.
This female Julianna-cross mini-pig was found abandoned at a rest stop north of Hixon on Saturday.

PG Tickled Pig Rescue is looking for the owners of a pet pig, which was found abandoned at a rest stop north of Hixon, south of Prince George, on Saturday.

The female Julianna-cross mini-pig was found at the Woodpecker rest stop area, about 55 km south of Prince George on Highway 97, Kerri Hegel of PG Tickled Pig Rescue said.

“There were some construction workers who had been at that rest stop quite a bit,” Hegel said.

The workers noticed her there off and on for some time, mooching food from people at the rest stop, she said. From the loose skin on the pig's belly, Hegel believed the pig had been going hungry for awhile.

“We’d hoped she’d wandered away from a farm,” Hegel said. “She’s used to being with people.”

But Hegel and other volunteers drove around the area, and there were no homes where she could have wandered from. The mini-pig was definitely bred to be a pet, not a farm animal, she added.

The pigs hooves are quite overgrown, which causes pain and, if untreated, could cause permanent damage to her legs. She is scheduled to go under anesthesia to have them trimmed by Green Mobile Veterinary Service on Thursday. Hegel is taking donations to help cover the cost, and had received $560 in donations as of Monday.

Donations can be made by e-transfer to [email protected] or by contacting Green Mobile Veterinary Service.

Anyone with information about who the pig’s owners are can contact PG Tickled Pig Rescue at 250-960-8048 or [email protected].