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North Van mom calls out Kardashian company for using her slogan

A North Shore mama bear is taking on a Kardashian. "I'm going to war," asserts Tamara Komuniecki.
Tamara Komuniecki and nine-year-old son Finn sport her “Strong as a Mother” apparel at Komuniecki's Edgemont Village shop on Tuesday. photo Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

A North Shore mama bear is taking on a Kardashian.

"I'm going to war," asserts Tamara Komuniecki.

The Edgemont Village entrepreneur discovered this week that Good American, a clothing company co-owned by Khloe Kardashian, is selling shirts bearing the same slogan Komuniecki has used for years on her merchandise.

"Strong as a Mother" is trademarked in Canada by Komuniecki, but not in the U.S. The North Van mom and business owner knew it was a matter of time until someone else jumped on the slogan, but she wasn't expecting it to be one of the Kardashians.

"That was a shocker," says Komuniecki.

As she explains, Komuniecki bought the Canadian rights to "Strong as a Mother" three years ago from a Vancouver mom who had created some workout gear boasting that mantra.

Since then, Komuniecki has sold "Strong as a Mother" T-shirts and sweatshirts online and through close to 40 retailers in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. The clothes are also available in Komuniecki's Edgemont shop, Delish General Store, as well as in Whistler boutique 3 Singing Birds.

Komuniecki says she built the brand's following mostly through Instagram.

"A lot of reaching out through influencers who are moms and sending samples," Komuniecki explains, adding a "couple of A-list movie stars" also sport her gear.

Partial proceeds of some of Komuniecki's products support charitable causes and non-profit organizations, including the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network.

After seeing Good American selling "Strong as a Mother" T-shirts online, Komuniecki says she is not lawyering up but rather taking her fight to the court of public opinion.

An "army of moms," supporters of Komuniecki, have taken to Good American's Instagram page to express their disappointment.

"Let the people decide. Let the moms decide," says Komuniecki.