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Special forces tactics to help women

Self-defence course coming to Squamish

British Special Forces tactics are the key ingredient for an upcoming women’s self-defence course in Squamish.

Grant Babin of Aikidaily, which is hosting the event, says the two-day course will allow people of any skill level to hit back hard in a life-or-death situation.

“We’re going to be teaching really basic, natural, instinctual movements, and how to use those instinctual movements to your advantage,” said Babin.

“Once the person goes through this stuff, it’s very easy to use afterwards.” Though his academy is hosting the event, Babin won’t be the teacher. Instead, the wisdom will be passed on by Andy Steel, the head instructor at Close Combat Concepts.

Steel served 10 years with the British forces, including two years in anti-terrorist duties. The instructor also has over 30 years of martial arts studies, starting at the age of 11.

He’s also been teaching self-defence for 20 years to the public, police and security professionals.

The tactics taught won’t just be passive neutralization techniques. “These are tactics to basically disable the person quickly or get them off of you quickly, so you can run or look for help,” Babin said.

To this effect, people will be learning about target points on a person’s body. Furthermore, body language skills will also be taught.

“[It’s about] how to position your body in a way so that you’re not as exposed, and you’re in a position that you can easily defend yourself, without looking, obviously, like you’re ready to defend yourself,” said Babin.

Perhaps the most intense part of the course will be the “pressure-testing” segment. This involves having a person in a full-body suit charge at students.

Students then have to respond just as they would in a real fight-or-flight situation. “The person in the suit really goes full-on, and allows the students to just let loose, basically, and do their best under pressure,” said Babin.

The course wasn’t in response to any particular incident that happened here in town, he said.

It was just something that was requested by a number of people, he noted. Self defence is crucial, he added.

“They’re life skills you can take anywhere.” The course will take place from Nov. 24 to 25 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days. It’ll happen at Aikidaily Squamish.

Contact 604)-849-3371 or check out to register.