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Squamish SAR finds two lost hikers

Lower Mainlanders went to Slhanay after being informed of Stawamus Chief closure
SSAR vehicle in action last weekend. Photo: SQUAMISH RCMP/TWITTER

In advance of another potentially busy weekend, Squamish Search and Rescue (SSAR) is reminding the public to adventure safely.

SSAR is reinforcing safety messaging following a rescue of two hikers on Wednesday night. Rescue manager BJ Chute said SAR was called in by the RCMP around 7:15 p.m. to track down the pair, thought to be on the third peak area of the Stawamus Chief.

The crew of 12 discovered the duo uninjured around 9 p.m. and completed the walkout around midnight.

Chute said the pair of young men from the Lower Mainland had come up to hike the Stawamus Chief trail, but upon being informed it was closed, tried the Slhanay Peak Trail instead. While hiking, the pair went off trail and followed Olsen Creek before calling for help.

While the hikers were not prepared for a night in the backcountry, Chute said one thing they did right was to have a portable phone charger, which aided rescuers who followed the GPS signal and were able to stay on the line with the two men.

Chute also reminded those heading out into the backcountry to have a trip plan prepared and shared, to know how to use a navigation device such a map and have one on hand as Google Maps is not effective, and if you're lost, to call 911 as soon as you realize it.

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