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World's biggest underwater sinkhole to be explored using Vancouver company submarine

Aquatica Submarines is preparing for the epic, deep-sea dive
DEEP BLUE Vancouver company set to explore the biggest underwater sinkhole in the worl. Photograph courtesy of The Confluence group

Vancouver-based Aquatica Submarines is preparing for an epic, deep-sea dive into the bottom of Belize's Blue Hole, the biggest underwater sinkhole in the world.

Joined by Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau, the historic dive will include a team of scientists, explorers and filmmakers that will illuminate the beautiful mysteries in the depths of this oceanic wonder.

What's more, this epic voyage will mark the first government-sanctioned scientific submarine expedition in Belize since renowned ocean explorer and environmentalist Jacques Cousteau's maiden voyage in 1971.

"Situated in the centre of Lighthouse Reef 40 miles (64 kilometres) off the coast of Belize, the Blue Hole is a giant marine sinkhole that is 1,043 feet (318 metres) in diameter and 407 ft (124 m) deep," reads a press release from global media agency The Confluence group.

"To put its size into perspective, the Blue Hole could easily swallow two entire Boeing 747s in one gulp, undiscoverable from the surface.

"The Blue Hole is a part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, which is a World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)."

The expedition will take place this year, but the exact date has yet to be announced.

Based in Vancouver, Aquatica Submarines has emerged as an innovative pioneer in submersible technology space. They strive to, "operate safe, robust and versatile manned submersibles for use in scientific, commercial and recreational endeavours."

They have also announced the creation of the Aquatica Foundation. This not-for-profit organization will focus on ocean restoration, ocean exploration, and ocean education.

The company's Stingray 500 submarine will be one of two submersibles that adventure to the depths of the Blue Hole.