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After the storm

A photo essay of the recent flooding in Whistler and Pemberton

Swaths of B.C. have been hit by biblical amounts of rain in the past several weeks, and while the Sea to Sky has avoided the same level of devastation that has hit areas in and around Abbotsford, Whistler and Pemberton have still had to contend with a series of storms that closed sections of Highway 99, left rivers at historic highs and farmers’ fields awash in knee-high water. 

While it’s still early to gauge exactly what the cost of the recent deluge will be on the region, no dollar amount can sufficiently encapsulate its true toll, and with the runaway freight train that is climate change still chugging along, it’s a price that we will inevitably have to continue to pay well into the future. The endless stream of news articles and scientific research papers sounding the alarm can have the unintended effect of dulling us to the true impacts of climate change, which is why there is value in seeing the effects with our own eyes. 

That’s why Pique asked long-time resort photographer David Buzzard to capture the aftermath of the recent rainfall in both Whistler and Pemberton. The following photo essay was captured in the span of just a few days last week. 

- Brandon Barrett