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Canada Day quiz 2021

Canada Day quiz 2021

Canada Day quiz 2021


1) What is the Lil’wat (Lilwat7úl) name for the area encompassing Whistler? (Bonus point if you can provide the Squamish People’s (Skwxwú7mesh Úxumixw) name for Whistler.) 

A) Chkẃelhp
B) Ucwalmícwts
C) Cwítima
D) Srap7úl


2) Last month, the managing partners of the Cheakamus Community Forest (CCF) announced they would defer old-growth logging for 2021 as they look to reach a consensus on the future of the public forest. When was the last time old growth was harvested commercially in the CCF? 

A) 2012
B) 2016
C) 2018
D) 2020 


3) In 2015, the Peak 2 Peak Gondola earned two Guinness World Records. What were they? 

A) The fastest-moving gondola and the highest cable car above ground
B) The fastest moving gondola and the first gondola system to officially host a multi-course dinner
C) The highest base jump from a gondola and the longest unsupported span between two cable car towers
D) The highest cable car above ground and the longest unsupported span between two cable car towers 


4) Which nightclub that sat where Moe Joe’s is now closed down in 1999 after losing a three-month battle with the municipality to host exotic dancers on a nightly basis? 

A) The Boot Pub
B) The Savage Beagle
C) Capone’s Nightclub
D) Club 10 


5) The spotted owl, considered functionally extinct in B.C.’s wild, was last heard calling in Whistler near where Function Junction is today on July 17, 1946. Who heard the call, a man considered Whistler’s first citizen scientist? 

A) Karl Ricker
B) Don MacLaurin
C) Alex Philip
D) Kenneth Racey 


6) There has been a recent push for several B.C. communities—Whistler included—to host a future edition of the Olympic Winter Games in tandem. What year is being considered to potentially bring the Games back to the resort? 

A) 2026
B) 2030
C) 2034
D) 2038 


7) Which political party was initially announced as the winner of November’s provincial election in the Sea to Sky’s riding—which would have been its first ever win in the riding—only to see Liberal MLA and former Pemberton Mayor Jordan Sturdy eke out the victory by just 60 votes after a judicial recount? 

A) The New Democratic Party
B) The Conservative Party
C) The People’s Party of Canada
D) The Green Party 


8) Several TV series have been set or filmed in Whistler over the years. Which of the following shows was NOT shot in Whistler? 

A) Peak Season
B) Ski A&E
C) Timber Creek Lodge
D) Après Ski


9) As of June 10, Whistler had the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate of any community in B.C. At that point, roughly what percentage of Whistlerites aged 12 and up had received at least one dose of vaccine? 

A) 81 per cent
B) 88 per cent
C) 92 per cent
D) 96 per cent   


10) In the ‘90s, what was then Whistler’s largest intact wetland was lost when a new development was built. Where was the wetland located? 

A) Around Green Lake
B) The Zen lands
C) Around Callaghan Creek
D) Function Junction 


1) C. The Squamish name for Whistler is Skwikw.
2) C.
3) D.
4) C. Complaints came in after ads for “Capone’s Exotic Nights” began appearing around town, leading to a hastily approved bylaw that banned nudity in C-licensed establishments.
5) D. A manufacturer’s agent for timber and mining companies who arrived in Whistler (then Alta Lake) in 1920, Racey would become a seasoned wildlife observer, recording 137 bird species and 41 mammal species locally.
6) B. Provincial leaders—including 2010 Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee president John Furlong—have made the case for a “regenerative” 2030 Olympics that Furlong said could involve as many as eight or nine host communities.
7) D. Whistler resident and Green candidate Jeremy Valeriote’s margin of victory narrowed after mail-in ballots began being counted and the recount was completed.
8) B.
Ski A&E followed pisteurs in Val Thorens, France.
9) C.

10) A. Locals protested the development of the Nicklaus North Golf Course, leading to the longest public hearing in RMOW history, clocking in at around seven hours. Over the years, Whistler has lost more than three-quarters of its wetland habitat. 


1) Who doesn’t love road trips? The Trans-Canada highway is one of the world’s longest national highways (beat out only by Australia’s Highway 1). How long is it?

A) 7,821 kilometres
B) 5,295 kilometres
C) 10,143 kilometres
D) 8,472 kilometres


2) Why don’t people in Churchill, Man. lock their doors?

A) Because they all live in igloos
B) Because the locks freeze in cold temperatures
C) Because it has the lowest crime rate in the country
D) To give neighbours quick shelter if they run into a polar bear on the street


3) Canada is home to Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world. In which body of water is it located?

A) Lake Ontario
B) Lake Superior
C) Lake Huron
D) Great Bear Lake


4) What does it mean to get “skreeched in?”

A) An old Yukon tradition where one walks through a forest in search of owls on a full moon, and screams as loud as possible if one is spotted to welcome the new lunar phase
B) A traditional Newfoundland ceremony in which visitors kiss a dead cod fish and take a shot of rum
C) A Prince Edward Island tradition descended from pirate culture, where new seamen must jump overboard their fishing vessel and swim back to shore
D) What people in Saskatchewan call it when someone gets so drunk they pass out 


5) One region in Canada is known for having the highest tides in the world. Where are they found? 

A) Baffin Bay
B) The Bay of Fundy
C) Hudson Bay 
D) Queen Charlotte Sound


6) Canada has more _______ shops per capita than any other country in the world. 

A) Coffee
B) Doughnut
C) Skate/snowboard
D) Toy


7) Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park. In what year was it established?

A) 1875
B) 1912
C) 1908
D) 1885


8) Which of the following is Canada’s oldest business?

A) Hudson’s Bay Company
B) Montreal Gazette
C) Tim Horton’s
D) Molson 


9) Canada boasts having “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” What event is this tagline referring to?

A) The Calgary Stampede
B) Osheaga Music and Arts Festival
C) The northern lights
D) Vancouver’s Celebration of Light


10) We love our trees. What percentage of the world’s forests is located in Canada?

A) 21 per cent
B) 2 per cent
C) 13 per cent
D) 9 per cent 


1) A.
2) D. Churchill, Man. is considered the polar bear capital of the world, where about a thousand of the animals gather from July to November every year.
3) C.
4) B.
5) B. The tidal range in the Bay of Fundy averages about 16 metres, or 52 feet. In one 12-hour cycle, about 100 billion tonnes of water flow in and out of the bay, twice as much as the combined flow of all the rivers in the world over the same timeframe.
6) B. Canada has five times more doughnut shops per capita than its American neighbour, giving it the highest rate in the world, with Japan coming in second.
7) D.
8) A. Started in 1670, Hudson’s Bay is not only Canada’s oldest business, it is also the oldest incorporated, joint-stock company in the English-speaking world. The company has fallen on hard times recently, however, permanently laying off more than 600 employees this year while roughly half of its remaining 88 Canadian stores were temporarily closed in the pandemic.
9) A.
10) D.


1) Prior to assuming Canada’s top office in 2015, critics accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (then 43 years old) of being too inexperienced, and “just not ready.” But he wasn’t the youngest to ever do the job. Who is the youngest Prime Minister in Canada’s history?

A) Arthur Meighen
B) Stephen Harper
C) Pierre Trudeau
D) Joe Clark


2) While Canada’s next election is still set for October 2023, many believe Canadians will head to the polls this fall, just two years after the 2019 election. What was Canada’s shortest minority government?

A) Six weeks, four days
B) Eight months, 16 days
C) Five months, 24 days
D) One year, six days


3) Minority governments are typically in power for shorter periods. What was Canada’s longest-reigning minority government?

A) Three years, seven months
B) Two years, four months
C) Two years, eight months
D) Three years, one month


4) Though Kim Campbell became Canada’s first official woman Prime Minister in 1993, she wasn’t the first woman to do the job. Who was the first woman to serve as Acting Prime Minister?

A) Viola Desmond
B) Ellen Fairclough
C) Agnes MacPhail
D) Adelaide Hoodless


5) Who was Canada’s first woman MP?

A) Lucy Maud Montgomery
B) Ellen Fairclough
C) Agnes MacPhail
D) Clare Ogilvie


6) Which Member of Parliament recently “crossed the floor,” leaving the Green Party to join the Liberals?

A) David Suzuki
B) Paul Manley
C) Elizabeth May
D) Jenica Atwin


7) With just two sitting MPs and an apparent leadership crisis unfolding, the Green Party is unlikely to reach official party status in the upcoming election. How many seats are required to reach that status?

A) 12
B) 10
C) 15
D) 20

8) In what year did Canada’s First Nations people gain full voting rights?

A) 1960
B) 1945
C) 1910
D) 1867


9) Voter turnout is always a hot topic in election season. What was Canada’s highest-ever turnout for a federal election?

A) 76.4%
B) 79.4%
C) 87.2%
D) 89.1%


10) The next local elections in Whistler (and across B.C.) are scheduled for Oct. 15, 2022. How many people ran for office in Whistler in 2018?

A) 16
B) 28
C) 20
D) 21


1) D. Joe Clark was just 39 years old when he became Prime Minister on June 4, 1979 (though he turned 40 the following day).
2) C. Canada’s shortest minority government—led by John Diefenbaker of the Progressive Conservative Party—lasted just 177 days, from the returning of the writ on Aug. 8, 1957 to the dissolution of Parliament on Feb. 1, 1958.
3) A. Canada’s longest minority government lasted 1,329 days, from January 1922 to September 1925. But for a bit of bonus trivia, the Liberal government led by William Lyon Mackenzie King technically fluctuated between minority and majority status during the Parliamentary session due to coalition-building, byelections and MPs crossing the floor.
4) B. Ellen Fairclough—also the first woman to hold a position in Canada’s Cabinet—served as Acting Prime Minister for two days in 1958, after she was appointed by John Diefenbaker to the role.
5) C. Agnes MacPhail became the first woman to sit in Canada’s House of Commons after being elected as a Progressive in the Dec. 6, 1921 election.
6) D. Jenica Atwin made history in 2019 as the first Green MP elected in Atlantic Canada, defeating incumbent Liberal Matt DeCourcey. Atwin returned the seat to the Liberal fold when she crossed the floor on June 10, 2021.
7) A. It takes 12 seats to achieve party status in Canada. The Green Party earned its first seat on the federal stage in 2011, when Elizabeth May won the B.C. riding of Saanich—Gulf Islands.
8) A. While First Nations people were given a conditional right-to-vote status with Confederation in 1867, they had to give up their treaty rights and Indian status to do so. It wasn’t until July 1, 1960 that First Nations people could vote without losing their treaty status.
9) B. Nearly 80 per cent of Canadians cast a ballot in the 1958 election—a far cry from the lowest voter turnout of 58.8 per cent in 2008. In the most recent Canadian election in 2019, 66 per cent of Canadians cast a ballot.
10) C. Since Mayor Jack Crompton was acclaimed in the 2018 election, he technically didn’t have to run for office. But a whopping 20 people put their names forward to run for council (of which six were elected). How many will answer the call in 2022?

Food for Thought 

1) How many recipes does the average Canadian know, a number that has increased slightly during the pandemic as people have spent more time in the kitchen? 

A) 3.4
B) 5.3
C) 6.7
D) 8.9 


2) Which award-winning Pemberton-area restaurant is relocating to Whistler this winter? 

A) Mile One Eating House
B) Barn Nork
C) Town Square Restaurant
D) The Pony


3) It is widely believed that Canada’s Indigenous peoples didn’t make bread until contact in the 18th century with Scottish fur traders, who brought along their own version of bannock. But historians in the 2000s discovered evidence of bread-like foods being made long before European contact that often utilized which ingredients instead of the more contemporary bannock made from wheat flour? 

A) Moss
B) Flour from wild plants
C) Cat-tail pollen
D) All of the above


4) There are 21 steps up to the main entrance of 21 Steps Kitchen + Bar at St. Andrew’s House, but how many steps do staff members have to walk up when they use the back entry to the kitchen?

A) 12
B) 18
C) 23
D) 34


5) Milestones restaurants started in Vancouver in the ‘80s, but as of late last year, its last location in the city proper closed down for good. Then last month, the chain was sold to Foodtastic, a franchisor based where? 

A) Ontario
B) Quebec
C) Florida
D) Massachusetts 


6) Whistler restaurant manager Cliodhna Minihane was one of four hospitality workers across the province recently recognized by the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association for exceptional service. Where does she work? 

A) Earls Kitchen & Bar
B) Araxi Restaurant
C) Alta Bistro
D) Hy’s Steakhouse 


7) American chain Fuddruckers, which claims to make the “World’s Greatest Hamburger,” has more than 100 locations across the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico and Panama, but only two in Canada. Which province can they be found in? 

A) B.C.
B) Ontario
C) Saskatchewan
D) Nova Scotia 


8) What ubiquitous sandwich spread was first patented in 1884 by Montreal pharmacist Marcellus Gilmore Edson? 

A) Peanut butter
B) Mayonnaise
C) Chocolate-hazelnut spread
D) Pimento cheese 


9) Seven years after the founding of the original Food Network in the U.S., its Canuck counterpart Food Network Canada launched in what year? 

A) 1997
B) 2000
C) 2005
D) 2007


10) You may be surprised to learn this staple of North American dining can actually trace its origins to Vancouver’s Gastown, circa 1870.

A) The drive-thru
B) The potluck
C) The Chinese buffet
D) The clambake


1) C. Pre-pandemic, Canadians knew an average of 6.2 recipes. More than a third of Canadians—35.5 per cent—learned a new recipe in the pandemic. 2
) B. The beloved northern Thai restaurant is planning to open in the former location of Riverside Café this winter.
3) D. While traditional bannock recipes vary widely—even by family, in some cases—there is ample evidence that the bread, known as sapli’l, was made from a variety of ingredients available to Indigenous communities long before European contact.
4) B.
5) B. On June 14, Recipe Unlimited sold the chain to Foodtastic Inc., which has deep ties to Quebec, running chains such as La Belle et La Boeuf and L’Gros Luxe.
6) A. The Earls night manager was recognized for her “patience and resilience, especially when dealing with challenging patrons.”
7) C. In the early ‘90s, the American burger chain could be found in nearly every major Canadian city—but Saskatchewan clearly still loves their Fudds.
8) A.
9) B. As for the first show to air?
The Inn Chef, with chef Michael Smith, sharing recipes from the Inn at Bay Fortune in P.E.I.
10) C. Enticed by the delicious smells wafting from nearby kitchens, Scandinavian mill workers of the era would get the Chinese immigrants of early Gastown to put out a steam table on a sideboard with a selection of dishes, and the Chinese buffet was born.

Arts and Culture

1) Last year, Arts Whistler got approval to host an unusual summer art event. What type of transportation did you need to use to (ideally) access it? 

A) A car for a drive-in
B) A bike to pedal through an art show
C) Something to paddle on Alta Lake
D) Your own two feet for a roving art show 


2) The Juno Awards took place earlier this spring. Who won Album of the Year? 

A) The Weeknd for After Hours
B) Celine Dion for Courage
C) Arkells for Rally Cry
D) Crown Lands for Crown Lands 


3) Whistler artist Arne Gutmann was recently featured in a solo show. What was the unique source of his inspiration for the show? (Hint: it was called Stranded.) 

A) Getting stuck on his paddleboard out in Howe Sound
B) A year he spent shipwrecked on an island
C) Strands of his wife’s hair
D) Being stuck in Whistler while the highway was closed  


4) Which Sea to Sky restaurant exterior is featured (under a different name) on the TV show Virgin River

A) The GLC
B) The Boot
C) Mile One Eating House
D) The Watershed Grill 


5) Which film won the Whistler Film Festival’s Audience Award last year? 

A) The Paper Man
B) Marlene
C) Titanic 2, the Ship Down Under
D) Bad Boys for Life 


6) A renowned Canadian artist marked the 50th anniversary of an important album this year. Who was it and what was the album? 

A) Neil Young, Harvest
B) Leonard Cohen, Songs of Love and Hate
C) Joni Mitchell, Clouds
D) Joni Mitchell, Blue


7) Canadian actress Annie Murphy is best known for her role as Alexis Rose on Schitt’s Creek. What is the colourful name of her new dark comedy
on AMC? 

A) Kevin, Mud Man of Oshawa
B) Sh*t in the Creek
C) Kevin Can F**k Himself
D) Sexy Beasts


8) Which Marvel superhero movie star offered support to the protesters fighting to save old-growth forest at Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island? 

A) Mark Ruffalo
B) Robert Downey Jr.
C) Scarlet Johansson
D) Paul Rudd 


9) Which Juno Award-winning artist(s) changed their name this year? 

A) The Weeknd, from The Weekend
B) Arkells, from We Are The Arkells
C) Michael Bubbly, from Michael Buble
D) The Halluci Nation, from A Tribe Called Red 


10) A stand-up comedian celebrated their 46th birthday this year by skiing topless in Whistler with a drink in one hand and some sort of smoke-producing object in the other (as seen on Instagram). Who was it? 

A) Sarah Silverman
B) Adam Sandler
C) Dave Chappelle
D) Chelsea Handler 


1) C. The unique event, Art on the Lake… literally, returns on Aug. 5, with alternate rain days scheduled for Aug. 12 and 19.
2) A.
3) C. The infamous Poo Font creator was inspired when he walked into the bathroom after his wife had finished showering and noticed long strands of hair left on the shower walls in compelling designs.
4) D.
5) A.
6) D.
7) C.
8) A. In June, the American actor best known for playing the Incredible Hulk shared an online petition calling for an end to old-growth logging and tweeted his support of the Fairy Creek activists.
9) D.
10) D. Handler is no stranger to Whistler, and had been in the resort since December on a work visa. 


1) What was the last all-Canadian NHL roster to win the Stanley Cup?

A) 1993 Montreal Canadiens
B) 1975 Philadelphia Flyers
C) 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs
D) 1983 New York Islanders


2) Canadian Mark McMorris, one of the most famous snowboarders on the planet, is known for his dominance at the X Games, but what was the result of his first ever X Games Slopestyle competition in 2011?

A) Silver medal
B) 4th place
C) 8th place
D) Bronze medal


3) The Florida Panthers have the longest postseason series-win drought in the NHL. How many years has it been since the Panthers have won a playoff series?

A) 30
B) 24
C) 16
D) 10


4) The 2020 NBA Finals featured the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Miami Heat. How many Canadians in total were rostered in that series?

A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 4


5) Which Canadian soccer player was named Bundesliga Rookie of the Year for the 2019-20 season?

A) Phil Folden
B) Mason Mount
C) Moise Kean 
D) Alphonso Davies 


6) Which Canadian basketball players are tied as the highest drafted Canadians in the NBA?

A) Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett
B) R.J. Barrett and Steve Nash
C) Andrew Wiggins and Steve Nash
D) Jamal Murray and R.J. Barrett


7) How many members of the 2006 Canadian Olympic men’s hockey team are still playing in the NHL as of the 2021 season?

A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3


8) Local mountain biker Finn Iles has called Whistler home since he was 10 years old, but in which Canadian mountain town did he spend the first decade of his life?

A) Revelstoke
B) Fernie
C) Banff
D) Jasper


9) In 2014, while he was a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Martin St. Louis won a gold medal for team Canada at the Sochi Olympic Games. Who is the only other current Tampa Bay Lightning player who was present at those games?

A) Victor Hedman
B) Ondrej Palat
C) Steven Stamkos
D) Nikita Kucherov  


10) Of the four names mentioned below, who was the only women’s hockey player to be named captain of Team Canada for multiple Olympic Games?

A) Hayley Wickenheiser
B) Caroline Ouellette
C) Marie-Philip Poulin
D) Cassie Campbell


1) B.
2) A.
3) B.
4) C. Kelly Olynyk and Kyle Alexander (both on the Miami Heat).
5) D.
6) A. Both went first overall.
7) B. Forty-one-year-old Joe Thornton, who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2021.
8) C.
9) B. Ondrej Palat played for the Czech Republic.
10) D. Ontario Sports Hall of Famer Cassie Campbell captained Team Canada at the 2002 and 2006 Games, leading the squad to a gold medal both times.