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Nothing but a number

In an unapologetic sports town, Whistler’s seniors embrace their golden years

They say age is nothing but a number, and Whistler has long proved that theory right. 

In an unapologetically sports-obsessed town, it’s no wonder the resort’s seniors tend to buck convention. Whether speeding down the slopes, ripping up the bike park, or filling up a canvas, they have embraced their golden years with fervour, chasing the same sense of adventure that brought them to this special locale in the first place. 

Pique had the fortune of catching up with a handful of local seniors living their best life, with award-winning photographer David Buzzard capturing them in action. 

Of course, no conversation about Whistler’s aging community can be had without addressing the elephant in the room: although things are improving, at its core, Whistler remains a young person’s town, lacking many of the resources and infrastructure required to accommodate seniors wanting to age gracefully in place. So, while our local seniors are by and large thriving, a testament to the inherent benefits of staying young at heart, if not in digits, we don’t often hear about the folks who have been forced to depart the home they love in search of amenities for seniors. 

It’s something the local Mature Action Community has been fighting for for years now, and with their recent push at municipal hall to have Whistler officially recognized by the province as an Age-Friendly BC Community, which, along with an associated grant, would formalize the resort’s commitment to supporting its senior population into their later years, here’s hoping more seniors will be able to live out their best years with dignity and respect locally.  

Monday Night Riders

Pique What keeps you biking into your later years? 

Davison: “I love being out in the woods and with friends and staying fit and healthy.”

Brunning: “I moved here because of the mountains. You walk out your back door and you got this.” 

Falcon: “The exhilaration. You can’t beat it and it keeps you young.”