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Peter Kent

Squamish candidate profile

Hockey Card:

Occupation? TV/Film Business

Furthest place travelled? Italy, my favorite vacation spot!

Describe yourself in five words or less. Genuine. Strength. Artistic. Dedicated. "Super-Dad."

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? I love to cook and I'm a clean freak.

Profile Questions:
What do you see as the top election issues? Employment, marketing, development, transit, infrastructure, and creating an honest, accountable council that places the constituents interests overall. With a recent poll in the Chief Newspaper asking to rate the overall 2008-'11 Squamish Council's performance, the majority of readers voted (63%) below average to poor performance. It is evident that we need to address the important ongoing issues, implement new strategies with fresher approaches, and clean house with a new, dynamic panel of councilors.

What would you do to enhance the environment for business? CREATE - with the aid of our Chamber of Commerce, the Mayors office, local developers/businesses and any citizen voice of Squamish - a set of concise packages outlining industrial properties available, the services attached with tax and zoning facts, then present them in front of various light industry groups that are seeking to expand their companies. With these carefully crafted marketing packages, I would also like to see Squamish attract more film/TV business. We are losing Film/TV shoots to other "outside Vancouver zones" such as Aldergrove, Mission, etc. because we are not showcasing ourselves or providing location scouts with such "ready-made" packages that other zones supply. Bringing our "Hollywood North" further up the Sea-to-Sky utilizes more of our hotels, restaurants and local amenities. Running a town is a business, we must advertise like our competition does.

Give an example of a difficult situation you have overcome. Some people say that I am "more Terminator" than the real Terminator machine himself. Meaning...that my "endoskeleton" has been reconstructed and assembled back together with much metal and hardware similar to that of the Terminator. I was D.O.A. in 1975 after a brutal car accident and then, in 1996 as Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double of 15 years, I was nearly killed on the set of the film, "Eraser." After getting hit by a 3 ton overseas shipping container, 100 feet in the air sustaining  - Broken collarbone, top 3 ribs, scapula and a litany of other injuries, I just said, "STOP" and assessed my life and reflected, "OK, maybe I am NOT invincible, maybe it is time to discover other avenues of film." The average stuntman they say lasts 7 years, I lasted 15 years making "Arnie" look like the heroic action hero that he was.  And still, to this day, at my ripe age of 54 and with over 30 years in the film business, I am proud of what I have survived and overcome. Now, with my wife and twins, I have so much to live and be thankful for and am just glad every day to be alive. God knows I shouldn't be.....

Where should people go to get more information about you? FACEBOOK: Peter Kent for Squamish Council