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Whistler Canada Day Quiz 2022


1) Whistler’s Northlands are currently undergoing an enhanced rezoning process, which may see the existing Whistler Racket Club facilities moved (or just removed). In what year were the existing facilities built? 

A: 1988 

B: 1993 

C: 2002 

D: 2010


2) The Sea to Sky transit strike ended June 14 after 137 days, making it the longest transit strike in B.C.’s history. How long was the second longest strike?

A: 108 days 

B: 96 days 

C: 123 days 

D: 134 days


3) Whistlerites will elect a new mayor and council on Oct. 15. How many people ran for Whistler’s six council seats in 2018?

A: 9 

B: 20 

C: 6 

D: 16


4) According to the 2021 census, Whistler’s population is now just under 14,000. How much has it changed since the 2016 census?

A: Up 14 per cent

B: Up eight per cent

C: Down four per cent

D: Up 19 per cent


5) Last year, the Resort Municipality of Whistler sued Pique Newsmagazine over its coverage of a ransomware attack on the municipality. How much did the RMOW spend on legal fees?

A: $28,219.52

B: $6,274.63

C: $11,415.96

D: $17,194.26


6) Canada’s Sam Roberts Band is set to kick off the Whistler Summer Concert Series in Olympic Plaza on July 1. Which of these is NOT a hit Sam Roberts song?

A: Them Kids

B: Where Have All the Good People Gone?

C: Don’t Walk Away Eileen

D: Betty Gonna Boop Tonight


7) The Resort Municipality of Whistler’s Balance Model initiative predicts a busy future for the resort. How much more traffic congestion (defined as more than 1,000 cars on the highway at once) is expected by 2040?

A: 50 per cent more

B: 25 per cent more

C: 10 per cent more

D: 75 per cent more


8) Nearly five years after legalization, Whistler is working towards opening its first cannabis shops. Where was B.C.’s first legal pot shop opened?

A: Kamloops

B: Prince George

C: Tofino

D: Vancouver


9) Parking infractions made up the vast majority of bylaw infractions in Whistler in 2021, at 99 per cent. What came second?

A: Dogs off-leash

B: Smoking in public

C: Park-related infractions

D: Naked bear wrestling


10) Whistler’s Town Plaza Medical Clinic closed on May 1, further exacerbating the ongoing physician shortage in Whistler. In what year did Whistler get its first doctor?

A: 1966 

B: 1994 

C: 2006 

D: 1980


1: B. In 1993, developer Park Georgia built three indoor courts, seven outdoor courts and a dining facility, today all operated by the Whistler Racket Club. 2: C. A 2001 transit strike in Metro Vancouver lasted 123 days. 3: B. 4: D. Whistler’s permanent population grew 19 per cent between 2016 and 2022, from 11,746 to 13,982, according to the census. 5: A. 6: D. “Betty Gonna Boop Tonight” is not a real song—even if we kinda wish it was. 7: A. A recent report estimated that increased traffic in Whistler could result in an additional two hours of congestion per day. 8: A. A BC Cannabis Store in Kamloops was the first to secure a legal licence in the province, with Kamloops city council voting to approve the licence less than 24 hours before marijuana became legal in Canada in October 2018. 9: C. Parking infractions accounted for more than 99 per cent of the 17,676 bylaw tickets issued in 2021, and parks-related infractions came a distant second with just 26 tickets issued. 10: D. There was infrequent medical care available in the resort as early as the late 1960s, but it wasn’t until 1980, when two local doctors set up practices, that full-time medical care came to Whistler.


1) What provinces have French as an official language?

A: Quebec

B: Quebec, Manitoba and New Brunswick

C: All provinces 

D: None


2) Most Canadians know our first Prime Minister was John A. MacDonald. But who was the country’s second PM? 

A: Amor De Cosmos

B: John Abbott

C: Alexander Mackenzie 

D: Mackenzie Bowell 


3) Which of the following mammals can only be found in Canada? 

A: Wood bison 

B: Eastern wolf 

C: Peary caribou 

D: All of the above


4) What is the newest national park created in Canada?

A: Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve

B: South Okanagan Similkameen National Park Reserve

C: Revelstoke National Park

D: Pacific Rim National Park Reserve


5) Toronto hosts North America’s largest single-day parade. What is it? 

A: Pride Parade 

B: Caribbean Carnival 

C: Santa Claus Parade 

D: Labour Day Parade


6) Canada’s highest mountain is located in which province or territory?

A: British Columbia

B: Alberta

C: Yukon

D: Nunavut


7) The Aroostook War of 1838-39 led to the death of?

A: A bear

B: A thousand Americans

C: A parrot named Jack

D: A surveying party


8) How many First Nation communities are there in Canada?

A: 630 

B: 500 

C: 100 

D: 1000+ 


9) How many points does the maple leaf on the Canadian flag have? 

A: 8 

B: 10 

C: 11 

D: 13 


10) Which Canadian city is considered the most educated? 

A: Vancouver 

B: Montreal 

C: Winnipeg 

D: Ottawa


1: B. Quebec, Manitoba and New Brunswick all have French as official languages. Ontario has no official language but has 26 French language service areas. 2: C. Mackenzie was in office from 1873 to 1878. 3: D. 4: A. Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve was created in 2019 and is Canada’s 48th national park. It is located in the Northwest Territories on the east arm of the Great Slave Lake. 5: B. Formerly known as Caribana, this celebration of Caribbean culture typically sees 1.3 million people taking in the final-day parade. 6: C. The highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan. Rising 5,956 metres, it is the second tallest mountain in North America. 7:  A. During the otherwise bloodless boundary dispute between the British colony of New Brunswick and the U.S. state of Maine, a black bear attacked three New Brunswickers, who shot it dead. 8: A. According to statistics Canada, there are 630 First Nation communities across the country, representing more than 50 Nations and 50 Indigenous languages. 9: C. The flag was originally designed with 13 points, but that was reduced to 11 because it was considered hard to see the maple leaf shape from a distance. 10: D. With a third of the population holding university degrees, Canada’s national capital is the most educated—but that doesn’t mean it’s the most intelligent. That distinction goes to Winnipeg, which was in fact named the world’s most intelligent city for 2021 by global think-tank, the Intelligent Community Forum.


1) Canada has how many official registered political parties?

 A: 21 

B: 14 

C: 69 

D: 5


2) How many candidates ran for mayor in Whistler’s 2018 municipal election? 

A: 5 


C: 8 

D: 1


3) How many regional districts are there in British Columbia?

A: 10 

B: 27 

C: 164 

D: 5


4) How many countries does Canada share a land border with?

A: 1 


C: 5 

D: 8


5) How many new Canadian provinces have been proposed to be created over the years?

A: 3 

B: 25+ 

C: 13 

D: None


6) The first European power to claim land in Canada was?

A: Portugal 

B: England 

C: France 

D: Spain


7) What British territory has attempted to join Canada?

A: The Falkland Islands 

B: Turks and Caicos 

C: Pitcairn Islands 

D: All of the above


8) In 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became embroiled in the WE Charity scandal. In a nutshell, what did it entail? 

A backroom deal that saw the PM siphoning grant funding for the charity into his own pockets. 

B: Trudeau wearing black face at a gala held in honour of the charity. 

A large gala event attended by hundreds in contravention of COVID capacity limits. 

The discovery that Trudeau’s close family members had been paid to attend WE Charity events prior to Ottawa awarding a $912-million contract  to the organization. 


9) In the 2019 federal election, which party leader ran against a candidate with the same name? 

A: Elizabeth May 

B: Andrew Scheer 

C: Maxime Bernier 

D: Justin Trudeau 


10) Which Canadian hockey player was also a Member of Parliament during his playing days? 

A: Patrick Roy 

B: Guy Lafleur 

C: Red Kelly 

D: Mike Bossy 


1: A. Canada has 21 registered political parties, five of which have seats in Parliament: the Greens, NDP, Liberals, Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois. 2: D. Jack Crompton ran unopposed and was acclaimed as mayor. Whistlerites head back to the polls on Oct. 15. 3: B. 4: B, As of 2022, Canada now shares land borders with two countries. The United States and Denmark (via Greenland). Canada agreed to split Hans Island in the far north of the country in half, giving Canada a 1.2-kilometre land border with Greenland, ending the so-called ‘Whisky War’ in a draw. 5: B. Dozens of proposals have come up for new provinces. These range from serious movements like the creation of a Francophone state for Acadians in New Brunswick to various Caribbean islands—and even Vancouver Island splitting off from B.C. to become its own polity again. 6: A. The King of Portugal first laid claim to what is now Newfoundland in the early 1500s. They gave it the name that it continues to have, Terra Nova. 7: B. Turks and Caicos is a collection of islands and islets in the Caribbean home to about 35,000 people. All its attempts to join Canada have failed due to a variety of complicated issues. 8: D. An investigation into the scandal found that Ottawa gave preferential treatment to the charity throughout the process, allowing it to revise its proposal numerous times and failing to put out a call for proposals from other possible organizations. Allegations of corruption and labour law violations have dogged the charity, despite its continued operations around the world. 9: C. In the riding of Beauce, Que, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier ran against the satirical Rhinoceros Party’s own Maxime Bernier. Neither won, with Conservative candidate Richard Lehoux taking the riding. 10: C. Red Kelly was a Liberal MP for York West in Toronto from 1962 to ’65. His Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup twice while he was in office. 

Food for Thought 

1) Since its arrival in Canada in 2020, many liquor stores have had trouble keeping this trend-setting hard seltzer on the shelves. Although it has been claimed as America’s easy-drinking adult beverage of the summer for a few years now, it is actually owned by Vancouver-based Mark Anthony Brands. What is it? 

A: Mike’s Hard Lemonade 

B: Nude 

C: White Claw 



2) This unique, half-moon cutting tool that is used exclusively in northern Canada and is traditionally made from caribou antler, muskox horn or walrus ivory holds great cultural significance for the Inuit. 

A: The ulu 

B: The qajak 

C: The kakivak 

D: The qulliq 


3) This well-known Canadian magazine that started in 1975 is North America’s second-longest running food publication. 

A: Chatelaine 


C: Eat Magazine 

D: Canadian Living 


4) Montreal’s first bagel shop opened in 1919 and the Montreal-style bagel soon became a phenomenon in La Belle Province and beyond. What makes Montreal bagels distinct? 

A: They use rice flour instead of wheat flour 

B: They’re baked in brick ovens 

C: They’re larger and doughier 

D: Egg and honey is used in the dough 


5) Canadians eat more donuts per capita than anywhere else in the world. How many donuts on average do Canadians eat per year? 

A: <300 million 

B: <500 million 

C: <800 million 

D: <1 billion 


6) B.C.’s Joseph Coyle invented the egg carton in 1911 after hearing an argument between a farmer and hotelier, whose eggs arrived broken from being transported in a basket. Which town can lay claim to this handy invention? 

A: Golden 

B: Telkwa 

C: Lillooet 

D: Fort Nelson 


7) New Brunswick has its own style of pancake, originating from its Acadian population. What is this thin, spongy buckwheat pancake called? 

A: Flapjack 

B: Crepe 

C: Ploye 

D: Injera 


8) Which highly anticipated new fine dining restaurant from Araxi founder Jack Evrensel—slated to open soon—has been called “the most important Whistler restaurant opening in a decade?” 

A: Provisions 

B: Wild Blue 

C: Joe Fortes 

D: Noma 


9) Rumoured to have launched based on the popularity of West Indies rum in the 18th century—which was notoriously difficult and costly to ship in—Canada’s first recorded distillery opened in 1789 in what city? 

A: Toronto 

B: Montreal 

C: Quebec City 

D: Kingston 


10) About 35.5 metric tonnes of food in Canada is tossed every year. What percentage of all the food produced domestically does that represent? 

A: ~40% 

B: ~50% 

C: ~60% 

D: ~70%


1: C. 2: A. 3: D. 4: D. Those ingredients, as well as being glazed in honey water, give Montreal-style bagels a hint of sweetness. They also tend to be thinner and chewier than their New York counterparts, with a larger hole in the middle. 5: D. 6: B. 7: C. Made from buckwheat, all-purpose flour, baking powder and water, the ploye is an efficient way to fill up and can be eaten with sweet toppings such as molasses and maple syrup, or paired with cretons, a kind of pork pâté common in French-Canadian cuisine. 8: B. Adjacent to the Aava Hotel, Wild Blue will be focused on elevated Pacific Northwestern cuisine and was originally slated to open this spring, but has since been delayed. 9: C. 10: C. That’s according to a 2021 study by Second Harvest and Value Chain Management International, which found that of all the food-waste loss in Canada every year, 32 per cent was avoidable and edible food, about 11.2 metric tonnes worth.

Arts and Culture

1) Which of the following artists holds the longest streak for a Canadian atop the Billboard Hot 100 for a smash bilingual hit they were featured on that stayed at No. 1 for 16 consecutive weeks? 

A: Drake 

B: Justin Bieber 

C: Bryan Adams 

D: Celine Dion 


2) This unique Whistler event was born out of the pandemic and will return for its third edition this August. 

A: Flag Stop Theatre & Arts Festival

B: Anonymous Art Show 

C: Art on the Lake… Literally

D: Teeny Tiny Art Show 


3) Which iconic Canadian artist’s painting, The Crazy Stair, sold for a record $3.39 million in 2014 and now belongs in the permanent collection of Whistler’s Audain Art Museum? 

A: E.J. Hughes 

B: Tom Thomson 

C: Emily Carr 

D: Jean-Paul Riopelle 


4) Yukon’s Gurdeep Pandher became a viral sensation during the pandemic for his infectious dance moves. What style of dance does he perform? 

A: Breakdancing 

B: Bharatnatyam 

C: Bhangra 

D: Khattak 


5) Who is (probably) the best-selling Canadian author of all time? 

A: Margaret Atwood 

B: Robert Munsch 

C: Malcolm Gladwell 

D: Jordan Peterson 


6) Which Lil’wat Nation artist recently completed their MFA at New York’s prestigious Columbia University? 

A: Levi Nelson 

B: Russell Wallace 

C: Redmond Andrews 

D: Rick Harry 


7) Who was both the youngest Canadian female artist to perform on Saturday Night Live and the only one to appear on the show three times?

A: Nelly Furtado 

B: Shania Twain 

C: Carly Rae Jepsen 

D: Avril Lavigne 


8) Speaking of Saturday Night Live, how many Canadian cast members have there been since the show’s inception in 1975? 

A: 5 


C: 10 

D: 14


9) For several months in 2018, Vancouver-born comedian Seth Rogen was the voice of the SkyTrain in his native city. He stepped in to do the job after which fellow celebrity became embroiled in a Me-Too controversy? 

A:  James Franco 

B: Louis CK 

C: Jeremy Piven 

D: Morgan Freeman 


10) Which famous comic-book superhero was co-created by a Canadian? 

A:  Superman 

B: Batman 

C: Spiderman 

D: Wolverine 


1: B. Bieber featured on the 2017 international chart-topper, “Despacito,” alongside Puerto Rico’s Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. 2: C. 3: C. 4: C. Bhangra is an energetic Punjabi folk dance and musical style that has grown into an international phenomenon. 5: B. While there is no official curated list of best-selling Canadian authors, it is likely children’s author Robert Munsch, whose catalogue of 50 books has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. 6: A. The groundbreaking contemporary painter and mixed-media artist blends pop-art iconography with Indigenous styles, symbols and images. 7: D. Avril Lavigne was 19 in 2003 when she made her first of three SNL appearances. 8: C. Dan Aykroyd (1975-79), Peter Aykroyd (1979-80), Robin Duke (1981-84), Phil Hartman (1986-94), Norm Macdonald (1993-98), Mark McKinney (1995-97), Mike Myers (1989-95), Tony Rosato (1981-82), Paul Shaffer (1979-80) and Martin Short (1984-85) were all cast members of SNL. The show’s creator and executive producer, Lorne Michaels, is also Canadian. 9: D. 10: A. Canadian-American artist Joe Shuster co-created the Man of Steel with American writer Jerry Siegel in 1933.  Shuster was involved in a number of legal battles over the ownership of the Superman character in his lifetime.  


1) In the wake of the Colorado Avalanche recently disrupting what would have been a Tampa Bay Lightning three-peat, what was the last NHL team to win three straight Stanley Cups? 

A: The early ’90s Pittsburgh Penguins

B: The late ’80s Edmonton Oilers

C: The early ’80s New York Islanders

D: The late ’70s Montreal Canadiens


2) How many years is the longest Stanley Cup win streak in NHL history?

A: 6 years 

B: 5 years 

C: 4 years 

D: 3 years


3) With the Florida Panthers ending their 24-year post-season series win drought in 2022, who now holds the longest playoff series winning drought in the NHL?

A: Toronto Maple Leafs

B: Buffalo Sabres

C: Minnesota Wild

D: Detroit Redwings


4) Which Whistler athlete recently won their second Olympic medal at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing?

A: Mark McMorris

B: Marielle Thompson

C: Jack Crawford

D: Brodie Seger


5) At just 23 years old, how many Paralympic medals does Whistler-based skier Mollie Jepsen have?

A: 8 


C: 5 

D: 3


6) The Golden State Warriors recently won their fourth championship in the past eight years. In that time, they have made six appearances in the NBA Finals. Since the year 2000, only one franchise has made more NBA Finals appearances than Golden State. Which is it?

A: Cleveland Cavaliers

B: San Antonio Spurs

C: Miami Heat

D: Los Angeles Lakers


7) How many Freeride Mountain Biking (FMB) Slopestyle events has Sweden’s Emil Johannson won in a row?

A: 3 


C: 7 

D: 9


8) Who is currently the most decorated Canadian Olympian of all-time?

A: Penny Oleksiak (Swimmer)

B: Clara Hughes (Speed Skating/cycling)

C: Hayley Wickenheiser (Hockey)

D: Cindy Klassen (Speed Skating)


9) Of the 27 athletes on Canada’s snowboard team, how many currently reside in Whistler?

A: 16 


C: 9 

D: 20


10) In which Canadian town did baseball legend Babe Ruth hit his first-ever home run?

A: Hanlan’s Point 

B: Goderich 

C: Port Hope 

D: Niagara Falls


1: C. Led by Mike Bossy, the New York Islanders won four Stanley Cups in a row from 1980 to 1983. 2: B. The Montreal Canadiens won five straight Stanley Cups from 1956 to 1960 3: A. It has been 17 years since the Maple Leafs last won a playoff series. 4: B. Snowboarder McMorris earned a bronze in the slopestyle event. 5: B. Jepsen has two gold medals, two silver medals and two bronze medals across two Paralympic Games. 6: D. Both the Spurs and Heat match the Warriors with six appearances, while the Lakers have eight NBA finals appearances since 2000. 7: D. The last time Emil Johansson wasn’t atop the slopestyle podium was in 2019 where he finished second at Crankworx Innsbruck and the GlemmRide Slopestyle Contest. 8: A. At the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, 22-year-old Oleksiak won her seventh Olympic medal, passing both Clara Hughes and Cindy Klassen with six each. 9: C.
10: A. It is believed that the ball that the Great Bambino hit over the fence into Lake Ontario has never been found. n

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