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The best digital coupons to clip this week

Clipping all the best coupons for essentials like batteries, body wash and kitchen staples.
 jayk7:Moments:Getty Images
Coupon clipping has gone digital.

As inflation rates, gas prices and a high cost of living continues to concern many British Columbians, securing a deal on everyday goods (from batteries to body wash) is a top priority for shoppers. Searching for sale goods is one way to save a buck on essentials but there’s also good old-fashioned coupon clipping, with a digital twist. Amazon has a huge selection of coupons that are applied at checkout, typically ranging from $2 to $10 off.

For more shopping lists, check out the VIA Amazon Storefront.

Endorsed tile

Best coupon deals for the home, kitchen and electronics

Sure the weather is unseasonably warm but winter is coming (eventually). This space heater is great for a smaller space, like an office or den (heats up to 200 square feet). $48.99 on Amazon.

Love the look of AirPods but don’t want to fork over a couple of hundred bucks on a set? These highly rated wireless and waterproof ear buds are $39.99 (plus $10 off with a coupon) on Amazon. 

If reorganizing the pantry is on the fall to-do list, this set of 24 air tight containers will come in handy. $79.99 at Amazon.

These aren’t essentials but for those who take Halloween seriously, skull cups and coloured lights can feel like necessities. A few deals include: purple outdoor lights ($5 off), a skull glass set ($17) and indoor decorative lights (pumpkin, ghosts and bats), $24.99. All available on Amazon.

Best coupon deals on beauty and personal care

Vitamin C is recommended for brightening skin and helping reduce the appearance of sun damage. All-Natural Advice is a Canadian company; its 20% Vitamin C serum with hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing vitamin E and gets excellent reviews from users. $22.97 at Amazon.

Claw clips are great for at-home blowouts and keeping hair back without an elastic (which can break or pull out strands). $14.99 for a five-piece set at Amazon.

Probiotics help balance bacteria in the gut, which can be particularly helpful in winter cold and flu season. Interor capsules (60 in a box) can be taken daily and have 16 strains of probiotics. $25 ($3 coupon applied at checkout) on Amazon.

This super popular, 1” Hot Tools curling iron is easy to manoeuver and heats up quickly. $49.99 at Amazon. (There’s also a Hot Tools ceramic straightening iron for $129.99.)

The moisturizing Neutrogena Rainbath Sesame Oil can be used in or out of the shower. $10.44 at Amazon.

Best coupon deals on toys

This magnetic tile STEM set for toddlers is a 52-piece kit that includes a carrying case. $39.99 at Amazon.

For rainy days, storytime and imagination hour, this pink pop-up tent can transform a living room into a caste. $54.99 on Amazon.

Hosting a birthday party or playdate? This slime set includes 24 jars of slime, glitter, gems, beads and charms. It's a little messy but a lot of fun. $29.99 at Amazon.