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The PNE (sort of) wants your help naming the new amphitheater

In 2026 Freedom Mobile [insert name here] is expected to open.
A rendering of what the updated amphitheatre may look like.

The PNE is asking the public for help naming the new amphitheatre being built.

This weekend, at a sod-turning ceremony, the PNE announced a 12-year partnership with Freedom Mobile that includes naming rights for the incoming concert venue

Freedom Mobile, formerly Wind Mobile, is an Ontario-based cellphone carrier owned by Quebecor

"Our long-term partnership demonstrates our commitment to further solidify Freedom Mobile’s position as a major national telecom player and to stimulate competitive activity in the BC market," says Quebecor president Pierre Karl Péladeau.

However, they're leaving exactly what the name will be to the public in a four-way vote that closes June, 7, 2024. The amphitheatre is anticipated to open in 2026.

"Freedom Mobile has decided to engage the people of BC in selecting the official new name for the venue," reads a press release from Freedom Mobile.

The options are Amp, Arch, Rise, or Place. In all cases Freedom Mobile will go in front.

Voting is taking place on the PNE's website. On the site there are pitches for each of the four.

"We invite you to vote on your favourite name for the Freedom Mobile venue*," reads that website.

That "*" notes a small caveat added at the bottom of the website.

"The PNE and Freedom Mobile reserve the right to select the final name, which may not be one of the choices above," reads a note on the site.