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Bridging the fall-to-summer nail gap

With a changing season comes new nail colours.
What's your go-to nail colour in the fall? Let us know in the comments.

We’re still having our summer nail fun, but can’t help noticing the first few leaves falling to the ground.

In anticipation of autumn, we chatted with essie global lead educator Rita Remark about making the seasonal transition, polish wise. 

Hi Rita! Summer’s still in full swing, but we are starting to think fall; what would you say are the main differences between summer nail colours and fall nail colours?

Summer nail colours tend to fall into the pastel and vibrant category whereas fall/winter shades lean more deep and saturated. Neither is more or less bold, it’s just a different statement! While in the summer, your nails may wear a bright pastel green like chillato, in the fall, they’d wear a deep forest green like off tropic.

Are there any colours you can recommend specifically to bridge the gap between summer and fall (September is kind of a grey area, seasonally, after all)?

Clay oranges and sienna browns are an easy neutral transition — think desk mani, midday mocha or yes I canyon. A classic transitional shade (that truly takes away the guesswork) is red. Just switch from a cherry red like A List into something deeper, like Bordeaux.

What are some of the main nail colour and art trends you see coming for fall (and perhaps further into winter even) 2021?

Colour-wise, it’s fuschia (VI please), vamp (wicked) and grungy green (my happy bass).

In terms of nail art, plays on polka dots will be big. Arranged in a pattern of large and small dots (on the tip or the entire nail) they can look super artful and couture, like a yayoi kusama piece. They’re also versatile, because when polished with metallics, they look like metal studs Also, micro French tips.

Just the teeniest curved line at the tip of the nail with a bold colour is a great way to make a statement without going overboard.

And finally, vertical ombré. We all know the traditional ombré manicure with the colours fading from cuticle to tip, this flips it on its side with the colour blending from left to right. It also adds a flattering elongation to the nail.

What about those of us who want to hold onto summer for just a little longer? Top colour recommendations there?

Bright fuschia, red and green will be going strong until the end of the year! Feel free to hold on to those in the winter months.

What’s your all-time favourite fall-vibing colour from essie?

I actually have a favourite fall pairing: one coat of wicked followed by one coat of bordeaux. It’s the deepest deep red.