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Audain Art Museum announces Tom Thomson exhibit

"Tom Thomson: North Star" will be the largest showcase in museum history
The Audain Art Gallery's director and chief curator, Curtis Collins.

Beginning June 29, the Audain Art Museum will unveil a new and unprecedented special exhibition. 

Tom Thomson: North Star will explore the career of the prolific titular artist with over 100 paintings from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the National Gallery of Canada and various others. It is the largest selection ever displayed at the Audain. 

"North Star is the most important historical exhibition that the Audain has hosted since opening to the public in 2016," says Dr. Curtis Collins, Director and Chief Curator of the Audain Art Museum, in a press release. "Visitors to the Museum will marvel at Thomson’s ability to evoke the ruggedness of Ontario’s northern lakefronts, which is a perfect compliment to our superlative collection of Emily Carr paintings that capture British Columbia’s towering forests."

Adds Michael Audain, chair of the Audain Foundation: "Our family foundation is delighted to support the Tom Thomson: North Star exhibition. Thomson was an extraordinarily talented artist who, during his short time of art making, made a profound contribution to Canadian art. To be able to experience a significant part of his remarkable body of work together in one place is a special opportunity for any art enthusiast."

Learn more about Tom Thomson: North Star at the Audain website.