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Competition strikes local talent chord

2006 Battle of the Bands accepting submissions for Sea to Sky competition

What: Battle of the Bands

When: Feb. 28, March 1 and 2

Where: MY Millennium Place

Tickets: $4/$2

Setting up interviews for the Battle of the Bands — which shows Tuesday, Feb. 28, Wednesday March 1 and Thursday March 2 at MY Millennium Place — some band names are familiar; Black Collar Crowd played Garf’s last week and Dub Empire is no stranger to Punk Night.

Other bands don’t even have a name: forwarded from the Four Season’s Resort telephone switch board, a message is left for Niels, John and Juan — the nameless group. Another trio of guys simply call themselves, well, The Three Guys.

One band, Black Suede, I can’t talk to until the boys come home from high school.

This menagerie of emerging bands, musicians not of legal age to play the nightclub circuit, and a group of friends taking their jams out of their living rooms are all coming together to compete for fame and fortune – or at least radio play on Mountain FM, a recording package and opening for a local sporting event.

"It’s open to any musicians from Squamish to D’Arcy, high school students or otherwise," said LUNA coordinator Kiran Pal. "We want to see who is out there and what they have and help them grow."

The three-night run showcases emerging bands and soloists from the Sea to Sky Corridor. Winners will open for the King of the Rail final Jam March 4, record a single at Rob Funk Studios and get interviewed and play a live set for Mountain FM radio.

To compete, musicians must have a minimum of two original songs for a 20-minute set.

Entry is $2 for LUNA members (ages 18-29) and $4 for non-members. Partial proceeds from the event benefit Bands Against Hunger.

To enter, call 604-905-3010.