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Ear Candy

With Josh Suhrheinrich

Jazz, funk & blues guitarist

My five favourite songs at the moment:

1.  I’d rather be with you — Bootsy Collins

"A funk/soul ballad that's NOT low-fat, artificially-sweetened teeny music. This is as greasy as it gets – full of funky love. By the time he starts singing, ‘maybe the next time,’ over and over, he's already got me."

2.  Gone With The Wind — Wes Montgomery

"Here is the ultimate voice in jazz guitar. On the surface, this seems like a mellow track but Wes swings like mad. He's got so much to say there's no room for anyone else to solo. The melodic inventions could go on forever."

3.  Could You Be Loved — Bob Marley

"This is one of those songs that follows you into every coffee shop, record store and party. But who cares? I could be loved everyday. Great message and it feels good."

4.  Got That Vibe — Afrika Bambaataa

"My lady picked up Afrika Bambaataa on a whim and it turned out to be a great score. I'd call it conscious dance music. Open your eyes, forget your troubles and boogie!"

5.  Alone Together — Brad Mehldau

"Brad has the schizophrenic ability to improvise three or four melodies simultaneously, yet he's no madman. His playing is genius and beautiful. This track is also my current bedtime favorite."

Last Words:

"Rhythm is the most important and most potent ingredient in music. Once you've got rhythm, you're ready express your soul to the world."