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Ear Candy

With Leanne Lamour
Leanne Lamour

Junk Jammer, Tuned Woman, Rutherford Creek Collaborator, Busking Advocate and Musical Slut (’cause she’ll play with anyone)

My five favourite songs at the moment:

1. Suicidewinder — Ridley Bent

"This guy used to live in Whistler. I made a point of going to see him this year at the Vancouver Folk Fest. This song is quintessential Ridley. His stuff is very lyric-oriented. ‘I’m Johnny Cash when I’m drinkin’, I’m the Clash when I’m thinkin’, I’m Mad Max when I’m drivin’ I’m Mike Diamond when I’m rhymin’…’"

2. Let Me Be — Xavier Rudd

"A very uplifting song about freedom from the Solace album. The whole album is great."

3. Ganja Babe — Michael Franti

"I’m listening to this right now. I’ve gone to a lot of concerts where he ends up sitting on the stage at the end of the show with just his acoustic guitar. That happened at the Vancouver Folk Fest last year. He’s got so much soul! Every time I see him I feel so encouraged with whatever direction I’m taking. He really pushes you to think. To feel you can make a difference."

4. Bisexual — Slow Nerve Action

"This song is from The Soap Of Beautiful Women . I know it’s the old album but I just love it. It gives you your funk fix. I had that album with me when I was traveling back East a couple years ago. Whenever I listen it takes me back."

5. Girl From Ipanema — Stan Getz

"I like to listen to this first thing in the morning when I have my coffee. Makes you think of walking on the beach. There’s something about the Portugese language… It’s so sexy."

Last words…

"Don’t believe anything you read."