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Let’s dance

What: Dancers Dancing Where: MY Place When: Saturday, March 22 "Elegance and Chaos" is the name that’s been chosen for a wonderful workshop and dance spectacular coming to MY Place this weekend.

What: Dancers Dancing

Where: MY Place

When: Saturday, March 22

"Elegance and Chaos" is the name that’s been chosen for a wonderful workshop and dance spectacular coming to MY Place this weekend. It’s also the name I would equate to most of the dancing you see on any given night at one of our fine nightclubs.

Elegance and chaos just about sums up the moving body mass you can see on the dance floor. Some have obviously watched way too many music videos to be busting out moves of that calibre, while others should have stuck to their bar stool, where they’ve obviously been for a long time.

But let’s get back to the pitter patter and pointe toed professionalism of Dancers Dancing, a highly regarded modern dance repertory company known for the technical excellence and sheer energy of its dancers.

The Dancers Dancing repertory contains the emotional intensity of new love, the raw physicality of competitive sports, the magic of fantasy, the hilarity of comedy and technical excellence. The company’s mantra is to continually strive to create new dance languages. Strong in passion, the works of Dancers Dancing can be experienced on a purely visceral level, as well as on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level.

Artistic Director, Judith Garay, a former principal with the Martha Graham Dance Company, said: "The audience will fall in love with dance. People who may not have seen contemporary dance before will be blown away."

Garay should know. She brings with her 30 years of international professional experience as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher.

"We wanted to make sure this production was very accessible but also talent of a very high level, that way dance buffs can also enjoy the show," she said.

The ensemble of five dedicated and gifted performers range from the best of the new crop of fiery and vibrant young dancers to nationally known artists with many years experience. The dancers are Alison Denham, Christopher Duban, Desirée Dunbar, Day Helesic and Jackie Nel.

The company will be presenting five dances on Saturday night. Three are full company works: Place of Dreams, Quicksilver and Lacuna. Two works are solo performances, Spur and Tears for the Seventh Generation.

Place of Dreams, choreographed by Garay is energetic and fun, culminating in a shower of ping-pong balls on the stage. I hate to think what a dancer does when having to leap around a hailstorm of bouncing balls, but according to past reviews, it’s quite spectacular.

Quicksilver, also choreographed by Garay, is about life, death and the ephemeral nature of this changing existence. This work shimmers and disappears and strikes out at something unseen. To the music of Patrick Pennefather, the performers move softly in unison before exploding into a primal frenzy.

Lacuna, by Wen Wei Wang, is an eye-catching piece involving all five dancers. The changing moods are reflected in their twisting and turning movements from the fast and furious to the fragile.

Spur, choreographed and performed by company member Day Helesic and set to the music of Willie Nelson, is a physical, dynamic solo. A bullet that ricochets around the stage in an eight-minute shoot-out of dynamic tension. It’s cowgirl meets urban woman.

Tears for the Seventh Generation, by Anthony Morgan, is a whimsical and poignant last dance with Mother Earth. Performed by senior company member Jackie Nel, this dance brings to light the intrinsic partnership between planet Earth and humanity.

One thing is certain, your eyes will jolt around the stage at a fervent pace and you’ll probably want to burst out of your seat and join the dancers on stage. While we don’t suggest doing that, you can attend a workshop after the show on the following day. From 1 to 3 p.m. on Sunday the cast will return to teach some tricks of their trade.

Tickets to Dancers Dancing are $20 for all Whistler Dance Academy members and $26 for the rest of us. The Sunday workshop is $15. Take a peak at what to expect with the Web site . For bookings phone 604-935-8418.