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Local band update

Farewell The Antithesis

Sure it’s better to burn out than it is to rust, but local punk-metal band The Antithesis barely even had time to catch (or be set on) fire.

Less than a year old, the band has already announced that next weekend’s Halloween edition of The Punk Night will be their last show ever. There’s no bad blood, just the normal parting of ways that takes place on a daily basis in this transitory town.

Although looking back, it was almost like The Antithesis were on their own, sped up timeline, kind of like the way one human year is seven dog years.

Before they even had a bass player or a full set, they were opening for Canadian legends of punk rock D.O.A. and Dayglo Abortions, bands who measure their careers in decades.

The Antithesis continued to rule the local scene over the summer with their signature heavy sound, something like the bastard child of At The Drive-In and Scandinavian black metal.

Simply put, they rock. And they always will. Those who want to say ‘goodbye’ or ‘auf wiedersehen’ or ‘F__K off’ or whatever rock salutation seems appropriate will want to show up next Sunday night at the Boot Pub. The boys are going out by opening for Turbo Negro tribute band Denim Demons at a special Halloween edition of The Punk Night.

Another local band, sexaholic funk rockers Slow Nerve Action are playing the Boot’s "Pornoween" party on Saturday, Oct. 30.

The following week, (Sunday, Nov. 7), local rockers Truth Be Told hold the fort at The Punk Night along with prairie imports Short Story.

Ah the Boot...what will we ever do without you?

Crowley summons The Minions

It was starting to look like the long anticipated debut album for local metal maniacs The Crowley Band was Whistler’s version of a Chinese Democracy — the promised, yet undelivered next album by metal megastars Guns N Roses.

But at long last, the band’s guitarist/vocalist Dave Crowley confirms the album is finished.

The reason it took them so long? A zero-hour album cover replacement after the band decided to change its name.

The Crowley Band, for the record is now The Minions, making the locally produced 10-song album a self-titled debut.

The album will be available at Bestsellers and at upcoming Minions shows.

In the wings is the first demo EP by local emo-punk rock trio The Fall of Summer. Chalk up two for drummer Mark Bannock, who also pounds ’em out for The Minions. According to TFOS bass player/vocalist Mike Calder, all that remains to be done on the TFOS project is duplication.

Stay tuned...