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Miserable Miracle to premiere at the 2023 Whistler Film Festival

The award-winning animated short is directed by Ryo Orikasa
Photo courtesy of Whistler Film Festival Summit

Miserable Miracle, an animated short by Japanese filmmaker Ryo Orikasa, will have its Canadian premiere on Dec. 1 at noon in the Maury Young Arts Centre.

Inspired by Henri Michaux’s poems and drawings about his experiences with mescaline, Miserable Miracle follows Kwan Ming, a Chinese man who leaves home to begin a new life overseas. It explores the limits of language and perception, creating connections between sound, meaning, shapes and movement. 

Tony Robinow narrates the English version, while French narration is provided by Denis Lavant.

Upon its Sept. 23 world premiere at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, the film received the Grand Prize for Short Animation and made its rounds on the international film festival circuit.

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