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Mutiny to support legitimacy

What: Mutiny on the Airwaves - Freeradio Whistler Fundraiser Where: Dusty’s When: Friday, Jan.

What: Mutiny on the Airwaves - Freeradio Whistler Fundraiser

Where: Dusty’s

When: Friday, Jan. 9

Tickets: $5

Defunct local radio station Freeradio Whistler was known for its eclectic mix of heavy metal, punk, non-mainstream club beats and underground hip-hop – before Industry Canada ordered it to cease broadcasting on pirated frequency 105.5 FM last November.

True to form, tonight’s Mutiny on the Airwaves benefit event supporting efforts to obtain a legitimate broadcasting licence for the station features local hardcore bands Truth Be Told and The Antithesis along with hip-hopper MC Gigalo and the electronic grooves of DJ Deadly Cam.

The brainchild of Whistler local Steve Toulch, who ran the station out of his Creekside residence with nothing more than a broadcasting unit, computer hard drive and antenna, Freeradio Whistler became a cult favourite among locals over the nine months it managed to evade authorities and stay on the air. Toulch has yet to hear the results of a Freedom of Information and Privacy request filed immediately after the station went off the air to reveal the source that tipped off Industry Canada about the illegal broadcasting activities.

Toulch’s intentions are to resurrect Freeradio Whistler as a legitimate Community radio station in the mould of a college radio station. To be granted the license the station must prove it plans to represent a variety of community interests such as French language programming and First Nations programming.

In the meantime, Freeradio Whistler continues to broadcast legally over the Internet.

Mutiny on the Airwaves kicks off at 9 p.m. tonight at Dusty’s in Creekside. Tickets are $5, available at the door. For more information, call 604-905-2146.