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Still making history

Shapeshifter Farrell at Garf's

By Nicole Fitzgerald

Who: Perry Farrell

When: Wednesday, March 1

Where: Garfinkel’s

Tickets: 15

Perry Farrell broke ground as the frontman for one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Jane’s Addiction.

With platinum albums and hits including the likes of Been Caught Stealing and Jane Says, the godfather of alternative rock moved on to Porno For Pyros, continuing to revolutionize the alternative rock scene.

The music visionary then founded the world’s first rock touring festival Lollapalooza, uniting different music genres on one stage, including alternative rock, hip hop and electronica with environmental and human-rights causes worked into the weave.

So what is next?

For the past eight years, Perry Farrell, as alias DJ Peretz , focused on mixing records as well as making them. From mic to turntables, Farrell will continue to break boundaries with a DJ set broken up by vocals over instrumental tracks Wednesday, March 1 at Garfinkel’s.

"(It’s) therapy in a musical sense," Farrell said in an interview with Kidzworld Media of the difference between a band and DJing.

"It’s weaving tapestry, but astral tapestry, and it gives me a sense of balance because you are making use of the left and right sides (of your brain). It’s very analytical and at the same time artistic."

Like the festival he founded, Farrell likes to overlap recording artist with turntablist, leading to albums such as Song Yet To Be Sung, which blends electronica, rock, tribal and dub music with vocals from Farrell. His most recent crossover adventure is Satellite Party, combining rock, electro and theatre on one album set for release this year.

Drum n’ bass was Farrell’s stomping ground when first exploring the turntable, followed by electronica, which has now matured into what has been described as a "super-mixed danceteria rhythms and shimmering textures" driven sets.

The international DJ has traveled the global club circuit as well as playing for private events, including Marc Jacobs’ Fashion Week parties for the past four years, opening the Museum of Modern Art in New York and performing at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, one of the largest dance festivals in the world.

When not producing, recording and spinning, Farrell is also writing and directing. His most recent project is the cult classic Gift, which will be released by Warner Brothers on DVD this year.

Advanced $15 tickets are available at Electric Daisy.