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United front

WHO: Threat From Outer Space WHERE: Maxx Fish WHEN: Feb. 21 It’s a close encounter of the musical kind.

WHO: Threat From Outer Space

WHERE: Maxx Fish

WHEN: Feb. 21

It’s a close encounter of the musical kind. This invasion is hyped-up, get down, smooth turntables, raw vocals, new jazz, old funk, phat percussion, clean synthesizers, rockin’ bass and hip hop rhythm.

If that’s not enough to make you a willing abductee, here’s more to prepare you for the Threat From Outer Space.

They come in peace.

The band’s mission is one of unity. The name is borrowed from a quote from former U.S. President Ronald Reagan: "The only thing that can unite my time is a threat from outer space."

Threat unites a multitude of sounds and influences – hip hop, rap, Latino. Frontman, Chris "Juice" Lyne, says if they have to be a threat from outer space to unite the people, then so be it.

But don’t be fooled by appearances. These 20-something aliens may look young and inexperienced, but each has enjoyed formal musical training and all contribute to writing Threat’s original songs. Drummer Jon Arason learned to beat the skins in a military corps and went on to study jazz for three years. Ryan Cranston has been blowin’ sax since the age of 13. Juice got behind the wheels and on the mic at age 16.

Secret Code. Song titles like Drip Shit Heavy and McJabba seem too non-sensical not to bear some deep meaning or encrypted instructions. "A lot of the times it’s just some strange coincidence that’s involved or some little inspirational moment when the song was created," chuckles Juice. "A lot of the time though they’re just really corny or offset titles… but it gives people food for thought."

Never underestimate the enemy. The sextet’s first CD All System’s Activated was a five-song EP and Juice says it’s just a foreshadowing of the events to follow. The group is set to record in early spring at Greenhouse Studios, famous for such artists as Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Salt n’ Peppa.

"It’s a $7,000, week-long session. Basically we’re going in, bringing our sleeping bags, and just going for it. When we walk out we’re gonna have the best album ever."

The working title for the CD is Musical Funk: The Year We Make Contact , due out in May.

Recruit your friends and family. Threat has developed a musical hybrid, and as a result, they draw a diverse crowd.

"Whether you’re into hip hop, or electronics, if you just enjoy good music, you’ll enjoy Threat’s musical funk," says Juice. "It’s very inviting, very alive… the structure of the music is simple and it lures people in."

Stock up on rations. Be sure to keep lots of rehydrating fluids on hand. Part of Threat’s unbeatable strategy includes keeping you on the dance floor. Check out the testimony of past abductees: "Had me thinking of hot, earthy Santana-like rhythms." "This baby is a six-speed funkified groove machine!" "Fire up the amp and slip in the disk. Things are gonna get funkin saucy!"

Research. Know your enemy. The first place to start is online at You can memorize their mugshots, pinpoint their every stop, analyze the tunes and even make contact if you feel that’s the best modus operandi.

Take shelter Wednesday, Feb. 21 st at Maxx Fish. The Threat From Outer Space is about to land.