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WSSF heads online with film, photo, and visual art events

Here’s how to submit to the event’s two major contests this year 
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The deadline for the Rough Cuts contest is April 10.

WSSF’s major contest this year combines film and photo in two categories: local, incorporating anything shot within 120 kilometres of Whistler, and global, featuring images and film shot anywhere in the world. 

The two- to five-minute films can include footage shot in the last 10 years that showcases skiing, snowboarding, or any other snowsport. The goal is to edit them together to create a unique film or convey a short story. 

“Amateur or pro, experienced or novice filmmakers, all have the chance to win prizes, street credit, bragging rights and more!” according to the website.

The prize for best local submission is $5,000 in cash. The best global film, meanwhile, will win $1,000 cash, plus the “key to WSSF 2022.” 

A panel of judges will chose eight local, four global, and one wildcard finalists. They will be split in two (with the wildcard heading straight to finals) and livestreamed on April 16 and April 23, with viewers voting on which to send to the finals on April 30. 

Each team is also invited to enter their top five photos for a chance to win $1,000 cash. 

The deadline to submit to both is April 10. 

For the complete detailed rules, visit

Whip Sheet Top Sheet Challenge seeks artists

Visual artists won’t be left out of this year’s WSSF online offerings. 

Artists and designers are invited to submit an original topsheet design for a pair of Foon skis or a Hightide Snowboard. 

While both digital art and classic art (which will need to be photographed to submit online) will be accepted, both designs must be rectangular (48 inch/122 centimetre by 15 in/38 cm). 

And, of course, the art must be 100-per-cent original. 

Voting on the best topsheet will be open to anyone with an internet connection. 

The deadline to submit is April 20 at noon. 

For the full details, visit