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Whistler BizBeat: Pocklington Building Systems

Pique’s new series profiling local businesses and their employees who go above and beyond
Beric Pocklington.

Welcome to BizBeat, Pique’s newest web series profiling Whistler businesses and their employees who go above and beyond.

Each week, we will profile another resort employer and one of their staff, who have each agreed to answer the same questionnaire that has been sent to businesses and employees across the community.

This week it's Pocklington Building Systems, the roofing contractor. We catch up with owner Beric Pocklington before publishing a profile of star employee and project manager Kushwant Bussawah. 

The following interview has been lightly edited for grammar and clarity. 

Pique: Describe your business and the products/services it provides, as well as when it launched.

We do new and replacement roofing and metal siding installation as well as roofing repair, gutter and snow-stop installation. We started in 1987.

What do you like the most about doing business in Whistler?

That our clients appreciate the level of professionalism that we provide and we enjoy working with the local contractors who have a high level of expertise, compared to many other communities.

What do you like the least about doing business in Whistler?

The difficulty that short-term rental properties pose upon the available choices for worker accommodation.

If you were mayor for a day, what single policy would you implement in Whistler to best support local businesses?

I would allow monthly parking passes for local residents to be offered at half price.

What’s a memorable moment or customer from your time doing business in Whistler?

When we finished replacing a customer’s roof in Bayshores, their kids presented us with a colourful poster showing all of our workers working on their property with smiles on their faces—it was really sweet.

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