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Adult black bear killed in Whistler due to safety risk

The bear was first reported on July 5 after accessing food and garbage in Whistler's Rebagliati Park
a-bear column
An adult black bear (not the bear pictured) was killed near Whistler Village this week due to a safety risk.

An adult black bear was killed in Whistler after demonstrating escalating behaviour that posed a safety risk, the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) said in a release on Monday.

The bear was first reported to the Conservation Officer Service (COS) on July 5 after accessing food and garbage in Rebagliati Park. The RMOW closed the park in response.

"The Conservation Officer Service (COS), RMOW and RCMP made multiple attempts to minimize further conflict," the RMOW said in the release.

"Rebagliati Park was closed and signage was posted in the area, a wildlife alert was issued to inform the public and multiple attempts were made to haze the bear. Despite these efforts, the bear’s behaviour continued to escalate and it had been reported bluff charging, approaching people and had made contact with a person."

Bear encounters should be reported to the COS at 1-877-952-7277. "Calling the COS early gives them more options to manage the bear," the RMOW said.