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BC Transit rolls out contactless system in Whistler and Pemberton

New system set to launch this month
BC Transit customers in Whistler and Pemberton will now be able to pay their fare with their phone or a reloadable card.

BC Transit customers in the Sea to Sky corridor can finally kiss goodbye to frantically counting out change as their bus pulls up to its stop.

Transit in Whistler and Pemberton is getting with the times and going contactless this summer. A new electronic fare system will be introduced in late June. Drivers previously accepted correct change, paper bus tickets or monthly pass cards bought in advance at stores.

The ‘Umo’ pass is available on the Umo Mobility app, or locals can pick up a reloadable card for free from a BC Transit vendor.

Cash can be loaded onto the pass via the app, at a vendor location, or through Umo’s customer service toll-free number at 877-380-8181.

A new onboard validator will be installed on buses near the driver. Passengers can scan the app’s QR code or tap their Umo card on the validator to pay their fare. A validation check mark and audible signal will follow an accepted fare.

BC Transit launched the highly-anticipated system in the Greater Victoria area last summer and hopes all communities will have adopted the system by this fall.

More information on the Umo system is available here.