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Updated: Hurley River Forest Service Road reopens

Route from Pemberton Meadows to Bridge River Valley opens in time for the May long weekend

Update: As of May 16, the Hurley River Forest Service Road is officially open for the 2023 season.

The FSR is single-lane with pullouts, and trailers are not recommended at this time. If drivers meet another vehicle on the road, they should be prepared to back up. 


The increasingly popular Hurley River Forest Service Road connecting Pemberton Meadows with the rapidly growing Bridge River Valley (BRV) will soon open to the public, as low seasonal snowfall and high May temperatures pave the way for an earlier-than-expected opening. 

According to a post shared on, avalanche technicians have surveyed the road from the air and noted a metre of snow at the summit of the pass, so clearing the road is expected to go quickly. The road should reopen in time for May long weekend, substantially earlier than last year when an abnormally cold spring resulted in it reopening in mid-June

Over the last few years, the Hurley's popularity has grown as the number of tourists and residents living in the rural areas north of Pemberton has increased dramatically. It is a crucial part of the Range Beyond Range Circle Route, which takes people through the Pemberton Meadows, Lillooet, and the BRV. 

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Area A Director Sal DeMare noted last year that the number of people going to Semaphore Lake and the BRV surged due to destinations like Joffre Lake being closed during the pandemic. 

Once the road officially opens, it should only be attempted by higher-clearance vehicles capable of 4x4. In some sections, the road turns into a single lane with pullouts, so drivers are advised to drive slowly and cautiously. 

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