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UPDATED: Evacuation alerts issued for parts of Pemberton, near Birken

Residents will be given as much notice as possible should evacuation order be issued


Eleven properties in the Village of Pemberton are now on evacuation alert due to heavy rainfall.

The alert impacts eight properties on Vine Road and three on Highway 99.

"High water levels in the Arn Canal are being observed and an expected rise on the Lillooet River may cause a backwatering effect into the Arn Canal resulting in a further increase in water levels," reads a notice on the VOP's website. "Increases in water levels on the Lillooet River typically take 12 hours to move downstream and therefore these impacts are not expected to be seen until as early as Thursday December 2, 2021."

Residents will be given as much advanced notice as possible prior to evacuation, but may receive limited notice due to changing conditions, according to the VOP. Additional evacuation route and emergency support details will be provided if an evacuation becomes necessary.

Further information will be posted to and through the PembertonAlert emergency notification system. Residents can subscribe at

For more information residents can contact the Village of Pemberton at 604-894-6135.

Read to the bottom for advice for residents.

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The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) has issued an evacuation alert for several properties in the Birken area due to a mass flow event.

The alert, which the SLRD said it issued at the recommendation of a professional geoscientist, affects more than three-dozen properties near the Gates River in the SLRD’s Area C.

Residents will be given as much notice as possible should the alert be upgraded to an evacuation order, the SLRD said on its website.

A travel advisory is also in effect for Pemberton Portage Road between Birken and D'Arcy due to heavy rain, according to Drive BC, with residents advised to limit travel to essential trips only. 

For now, residents in the area should:

-Locate all family members and designate a meeting area outside the evacuation area should an evacuation order be called while separated.

-Pack essential items such as government-issued ID, medications, eyeglasses, valuable papers (e.g. insurance, credit, and mortgage information), immediate care needs for dependents and, if time and space permits, keepsakes for quick departure.

-Prepare to move disabled persons, children and/or neighbours, if assistance is needed.

-Prepare to take pets with you and move livestock to a safe area (if possible).

-Arrange transportation and accommodations for all your household members, if possible.

-Fill the gas tanks of personal vehicles. If transportation assistance is needed, call the SLRD Emergency Operations Centre at (604) 894 6371.

-Wait for an evacuation order to be issued before evacuating.

Further info will be posted in notices at and through the SLRD Alert Messaging service. Residents can subscribe to SLRD Alert for free at to receive emergency notifications via email, text messages, and voicemail.