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Squamish’s Fergie’s Café announces new ownership

The founders of the popular Squamish Valley Road restaurant will still maintain ownership of Sunwolf Riverside Resort. New ownership takes control Dec. 1.

They are passing the torch. 

The founders of the popular Fergie’s Café have announced they will soon be stepping away and have passed ownership to two Squamishers.

In a news release, Jake and Jessamy Freese say they will pass ownership of the Squamish Valley restaurant to Nick and Julie Cassettari on Dec. 1. The pairs have known each other since 2008 when they worked in Whistler at Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar.

“We are thrilled that Nick and Julie have agreed to take the helm at Fergie’s. They are both incredibly talented, have a wealth of experience, and will work super hard to bring to life our shared vision for the future of the restaurant. They are the only people we trust to take the restaurant to the next level,” said Jessamy in the news release.

Jake and Jessamy won’t be going very far, however.

“Jake and I will continue as the owners of Sunwolf Riverside Resort and will work closely with them to ensure their success as the owners of the restaurant business and all our catering operations,” Jessamy continued.

The release also notes there are no immediate changes in mind for Fergie’s Café, but there are ideas brewing.

“The immediate plan for Fergie’s is to leave things unchanged. Guests of Fergie’s Café will be welcomed by the same staff and the same much-loved menu. Moving forward, Nick and Julie have a vision to add to what Fergie’s currently offers with special events, dinner service and much more,” reads the release.

The Cassettaris were “strong supporters” of Fergie’s from the start and the pair were the only people Jake and Jessamy had in mind when considering moving on from ownership, according to the release. 

Located on Squamish Valley Road, the restaurant is nestled next to the Cheakamus River and Cheekye River. 

The café typically opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m. on Monday to Thursday and 4 p.m. on Friday and the weekend.

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