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Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa reinvents vacationing

The newly opened property comes with hotel amenities and the privacy of renting a home

Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa in Whistler is changing the game of luxury vacations.

The 12,000-sq.-ft. private complex is a blend of home and hotel, with the privacy expected of a rental property but all the amenities of a high-end hotel, plus the added benefit of live-in staff. The lodge was opened in 2023 by Whistler locals Dan and Keltie Holdsworth, who invited Pique for a tour and an evening away.

Located 15 minutes north of Whistler in the WedgeWoods neighbourhood, the idyllic setting is remote yet accessible.

Keltie explained the inspiration for the lodge grew out of a decade of experience hosting guests at the vacation properties in Whistler renovated by the couple.

“We came up with a fantasy list of what would we do if we weren't constrained by a 1980s building. We didn't think that we'd manage to pull that together at any point,” she said. “And then when we were building our house in WedgeWoods, we realized that the zoning existed to allow us to build something out here.”

@piquenewsmagazine Who needs a vacation? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Wedge Mountain Lodge & Spa is reinventing overnight stays by combining the privacy of a house with all of the amenities of a hotel. Pique took a peek at the space and learned why the lodge is unique in the world of vacation rentals. Read the full story at #whistler #tourism #vacations ♬ Feel Good - Tundra Beats

Wedge Lodge's offerings

During Pique's overnight stay, guests were treated to a three-course meal by the lodge’s executive chef, Bill Grimshaw.

Having a chef onsite was a guest request at the Holdsworths' other properties, which they’ve listened to and incorporated into the new space.

“We’d get families of 20 to 24 people, adults cooking dinner. It’s chaos. We were really finding that it was the top question people were asking us to add on,” Keltie said.

In addition to having meals prepared, guests can have a driver take them to Whistler Village for dinner or activities, without having to worry about parking. This author was shuttled to Fairmont Chateau Whistler, where she enjoyed a three-course meal while her partner stayed back at the lodge playing Xbox. Truly a win-win.

On top of specific meals, people can also request art to fill the space, taking attention-to-detail to the next level.

Other features include a spacious mudroom for sports gear and individualized charging stations for heated gloves, a fully stocked wine cellar, an elevator, an office space, a gym, a spa, a games room and a theatre, an outdoor pickleball court and a kid’s playroom.

Eventually, the playroom will include a jungle gym structure.

“When we were designing, we had a sort of two- to three-year-old child, and that age of child very much wants to scramble around," Keltie said.

"They don't sit still… And when you're at a social occasion, it's really hard to just hang out and enjoy if you're constantly chasing the three-year-old. So, you could let the child scramble around on this very soft, safe play structure without having to hold their hand for every single moment of it.”

Each bedroom has a king-sized bed that is somehow both firm and soft, with in-room temperature control, a patio and an ensuite.

Guests don’t need to leave to spend the day at a spa, as Wedge comes with a massage room, sauna, steam room, lounge space, cold plunge, hot tub and pool. It also has the benefit of total privacy amid tranquil mountainous views.

The lodge can be booked by large families, weddings or corporate retreats, which is an increasingly popular option for offices now that people have shifted to working from home post COVID-19, and companies have reduced their overhead from office space.

This winter, they’ll also offer a new heli-skiing experience in partnership with Whistler Heli-Skiing.

“If you choose to stay here, you'll be able to do all of your prep and development to go up heli-skiing at the house,” Keltie said.

“After the day, everyone stays for dinner, so it's like the experience of going to a heli-ski lodge without having to go out into the middle of nowhere. It also means that you can bring your family on your heli-skiing trip.”