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Whistler grizzly now patrolling Cheakamus, Function: RMOW

'Residents and visitors are asked not to travel to these areas to view the bear'
A grizzly bear spotted south of Whistler in the spring of 2022.

A grizzly bear that sparked a public notice on the western outskirts of Whistler earlier this month is now roaming the Cheakamus area, according to the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW).

In a Facebook post on May 19, the RMOW said the Conservation Officer Service has attended to reports of the bear in the Function Junction/Cheakamus Crossing area.

"This is the same bear that was on the Western outskirts, but has now moved to the South end of the community," the RMOW said in the post.

"Residents and visitors are asked not to travel to these areas to view the bear, to ensure the bear is not crowded and has the space it needs to feed and perform natural behaviours."

The RMOW offered some advice for locals and guests to reduce the risk of conflict, including: Ensure all pets are leashed when out walking, at all times, unless in a designated off-leash area; Secure garbage and compost correctly, so wildlife is not attracted to homes; Hike in groups of four or more; And use your voice when biking to shout ahead and reduce the risk of surprise encounters.

Carrying bear spray when hiking and biking can also help in a worst-case scenario.

"If you do encounter a bear, it is important to give the bear space," the RMOW said. "Speak in a calm, firm voice. Check around you to ensure there are no other bears, cubs or a food source the bear may be trying to access. Back away slowly from the area. If you do find yourself between a bear and cubs or a food source, move calmly and quietly to the free area to create space between yourself, the bear, cubs or food. Remaining calm and not making loud noise shows the bear that you are not a threat to them and want to leave the area."

Report any conflicts with grizzly bears to the COS by calling 1-877-952-7277. 

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