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Watch: Whistler Powder Picker—Tuesday, Nov. 29

What's the forecast for Whistler? Meteorologist David Jones is here to give you the deets.
Meteorologist David Jones.

Whistler is expected to experience its first real winter storm today, and for anyone thinking of going up the mountain this week, meteorologist David Jones is back with his Whistler Powder Picker, giving you the skinny on Whistler's weather forecast.

"Incoming from the northwest, the primo pow trajectory at Whistler. A thing of beauty—supreme beauty, if we had a deeper snow base. The low-density snow with this storm will unfortunately compact down to nothing, unhelpful given the current boney base layer. Ya can’t have it all, can ya?

Here’s the Picker. Note the downward trend in storm total forecast from yesterday. Twenty-two centimetres is the forecast total now, with a range between 13 and 29 cm. This new total is down from yesterdays forecast of 29 cm. Trends can be a clue sometimes. This one is slightly bothersome, but typical for an incoming storm overrunning dry arctic air.

Here’s hoping this trend flattens out. Now. Especially because after this storm…….nnnnnnnnnnot much. Also typical of arctic air.

Here are the temps. Cold, getting colder Thursday. And the winds will peak overnight at about 80 kilometres/hour, then ease by opening tomorrow."

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