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Whistler RCMP warn of potential for 'youth violence' this weekend

Police asking parents to speak with teens after hearing word of potential for fight, stabbing
Whistler RCMP are warning parents about the potential for violence in the resort during the weekend of Oct. 1 to 3.

Officials are asking Whistler and Pemberton parents to check in with their teenagers ahead of the weekend, after police were tipped off about the potential for a stabbing during a fight planned between Sea to Sky locals and a group of Vancouver youths. 

According to a release, Whistler and Pemberton RCMP on Tuesday, Sept. 28 were made aware of a possible fight between the two groups, reportedly set to occur at an unknown location over the the weekend of Oct. 1.

"This is very concerning as there was mention that some one [sic] was going to get stabbed," explained Whistler RCMP Cpl. Nate Miller in the release.

Local RCMP detachments said they have been reaching out to advise parents of the risk for violence this weekend after obtaining additional "bits of information" over the past couple of days. In the release, Miller urged parents to have an open conversation with their children to "ensure they stay safe this weekend." 

In a tweet posted early Friday evening, Whistler RCMP said they plan to have extra police on duty this weekend and asked the community to report any relevant information to the Whistler or Pemberton detachment. Those with information to share can reach the Whistler RCMP at 604-932-3044.