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Wildfire fuel thinning on Nesters Hill to resume next month

All Nesters Hill trails to close until project complete
Wildfire fuel mitigation work is set to resume on Nesters Hill and above Taluswood next month. Pictured is fuel thinning at Lost Lake.

With fuel-thinning work set to resume on Nesters Hill and above Taluswood next month, trails in the area will soon be closed to users.

Fuel thinning will take place on 14.8 hectares on Nesters Hill and 11.8 hectares above Taluswood, with work to begin in April and continue through the summer (pending fire danger ratings).

The project is expected to wrap in the fall.

“Fuel thinning treatments near neighbourhoods and critical infrastructure are important to prevent the spread of wildfire in residential areas,” said Mayor Jack Crompton in a release.

“I appreciate the community’s patience and respect for these trail closures in the short term to help protect our community from wildfires in the long term.”

With heavy machinery and tree falling, and due to the interconnected layout of the trails, all trails on Nesters Hill will be closed for the duration of the work, including: Cut Yer Bars slabs; Cut Yer Bars Trail; Robin Yer Eggs; Roll Yer Bones; Cut Yer Bones; Cut Yer Bars blue; Hands of Doom; Suicycle; Sh*ts and Giggles; and ESP.

While there are fewer trails in the Taluswood area, residents are advised to obey all signs and wildfire crew instructions.

The Valley Trail adjacent Nesters Hill will stay open, and trails may be reopened if work needs to stop due to fire danger ratings this summer.

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