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Flip your disc at Par None

Third annual disc golf tournament has something for everyone

Whether you're a scratch hucker or spend most of your time wandering through trees and wondering why you bought a white/pale yellow/brown golf disc, everybody is welcome at the Whistler Disc Golf Club's third annual Par None Tournament.

"We keep it pretty low-key," said organizer Craig McConnell. "It's more of a social, fun tournament rather than a really serious event. The serious guys will play in their own division and do their own thing and everybody else plays with friends."

The course is located in Lost Lake Park on Hydro Cut, just north of Lower Panorama, with 27 holes varying in length and difficulty. The tournament set-up will be a little different - the players will bypass the holes with tonal poles and will only play the baskets. As well, some of the holes will be made longer for the long throwers in the open category, although women and amateur players will play from the short tee boxes. All players will play two rounds of 18.

The cost is $15 for women and amateurs and $35 for open players, with the majority of the money going towards the prize purse. Prize money will depend on the number of participants on the day of the contest.

McConnell has no idea how many people to expect. "Last year we had almost 50 players, and I have no idea how many we're going to have this year - everybody says they're coming but it tends to depend on the weather and how people are feeling that day."

The goal of the club is to get more people into the pastime of disc golf and to host tournaments - such as the provincial series, which is kicking off its tour in Whistler in October. So far the club has been good at involving high-end players, but McConnell says they need to do more to reach out to recreational players.

"There are a lot of people out there that just play one disk from the short tees and they're content to play with their friends," he said. "We need to try and reach out to those players a little more. But for the higher-end, more competitive players, we're meeting that need."

If you think you'd like to take part, and maybe meet some people to play with, then the tournament takes place on June 25 at 9:30 a.m., meeting at the 19th hole.

Katmandu is the main sponsor, and various local stores have donated prizes to the competition. As well, there is an after-party at the GLC.

As well as the tournament, the club hosts other events including Doubles nights every Tuesday, and a Bag Tag system that's similar to a squash ladder - where you play other people in the group and move up or down based on the results. For more on the tournament and club, visit