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Phat Wednesdays Freeride Series wrapping up

There is just one event to go in the Phat Wednesdays Freeride Series, a chainless downhill down A-Line on Aug. 25 – smooth riding and cautious braking will win the day.

Thirty riders turned out to the Aug. 11 event, which was a two-run test through the Whistler Biker Cross Course. Only the best run counted.

In the junior men’s race, Alex Prochazka took the win in 48.37 seconds, half a second faster than series leader James McSkimming. Randy Holmes was third in 49.59 seconds.

Claire Whiteman continued to win in the women’s category, clearing the course in 50.46 seconds. She was followed by Brook Baker in 52.58 seconds and Jen Ashton in 52.40 seconds.

The men’s race went to Matt Nielson in 43.35 seconds. J.S. Therrien was second in 43.96 seconds, and Mike Zgud third in 45.31 seconds.

With just the one event remaining, James McSkimming has wrapped up the junior men’s title with a score of 480, followed by Alex Prochazka with a 260 and Ryan Sullivan with a 195. Claire Whiteman is the top woman with a score of 395 over five events. Brook Baker is second with 280 points in just three events and Angela Teng, who missed the last two races, is sitting in third with 260 points.

The men’s race is tight with Adam Cook still in the lead with 300 points from three wins in the first three races. He’s missed the last two events, letting the field catch up. Tyler Morland is sitting in second with 241 points and Adam Billinghurst in third with 202.

To take part in the final race on Aug. 25, be at the base of Whistler Mountain at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday to sign up. All participants have to be WORCA members, pay a $2 entry fee, and have a valid lift pass.

Food and refreshments will be provided after the race.