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WMSC skiers on Miele Cup podium

K1 team in command at Mt. Washington teck races
Mollie Jepsen accepts her first gold medal, on her first ski race podium. Photo by Dickson Wong.

The J1 level skiers (aged 15 and 16) with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club took part in the Miele Cup last weekend at Nakiska, Alberta.

In the women's slalom, Rae Swette was the top J1 racer and second overall with a two-run time 1:35.68. Also in the top 15 were Charley Field in eighth, Emma King in 10th, Jocelyn Ramsden in 11th and Celeste Pomerantz in 12th.

In the men's race, Whistler's Blake Ramsden was 10th overall and fourth among J1 racers.

In the second slalom, Charley Field was the third J1 skier and fifth overall. Emma King was seventh, Jocelyn Ramsden eighth, Sofi Leroux 12th and Celeste Pomerantz 15th.

Blake Ramsden was second among J1 racers on day two. Daniel Kwong, now a J2 skier (age 17 and older) was seventh overall and sixth among J2 skiers.

The racing was to continue on Monday with a giant slalom, but the event was called due to the extreme cold — minus 30 before wind chill.

K1 racers dominate

The Whistler Mountain Ski Club K1 team (ages 11 and 12) took the ferry to Mt. Washington this past weekend for the Teck Mountain Washington Coast Zone Race, and then cruised back on Sunday with a pile of medals.

At Mt. Washington, Kasper Woolley and Katie Fleckenstein led the team with four gold medals each over in five races.

"I feel really good about my skiing right now," said Woolley. "I have been working hard to change my technique and it's finally working."

In the opening one-run GS, it was a WMSC sweep for the boys team with Woolley in first, Finn Iles in second and Kyle Alexander in third. Also in the top 15 were Davis Bonsall-Jevning in fifth, Griffin Smith in seventh, Matthew MacDonald in ninth, Nikola Filipovic in 11th, Alexander Valentin in 12th and Myles Kowalczyk in 14th.

In the second GS, Andrew Lee of Grouse took the win, while Finn Iles picked up his second silver medal and Kyle Alexander his second bronze. Also in the top 15, Griffin Smith was fifth, Matthew MacDonald sixth, Davis Bonsall-Jevning seventh, Alexander Valentin ninth, Myles Kowalczyk 11th and Matthew Terry 14th.

In the opening girls' GS the top spot went to Mollie Jepsen of the WMSC, followed by Nicole Mah of Grouse and Lucy Turner of the WMSC. In the top 15 were Katie Fleckenstein in fourth, Micah Morris in sixth, Erin Finan in eighth, Anna Gosney in ninth, Hannah Morris in 10th and Alissa Wong in 14th.

In the second race Katie Fleckenstein moved up to first, followed by Grouse skiers Kristina Natalenko and Frances MacDonald.

In the top 15, Lucy Turner was fourth, Mollie Jepsen sixth, Micah Morris seventh, Anna Gosney ninth, Erin Finan 10th, Sophia Quinn 11th, Hannah Morris 12th and Martin Gershon 15th.

Day two saw a two-run GS for boys and girls.

Kasper Woolley claimed his second gold medal while Kyle Alexander moved up to second. Andrew Lee of Grouse stopped the WMSC sweep in third, with Asher Jordan and Davis Bonsall-Jevning of the WMSC in fourth and fifth. Rounding out the top 15, Matthew MacDonald was eighth, Griffin Smith ninth, Alexander Valentin 11th, Dawson Yates 12th and Myles Kowalczyk 14th.

Katie Fleckenstein won the girls race, followed by Kristina Natalenko of Grouse and WMSC racer Lucy Turner. In the top 15 were Mollie Jepsen in sixth, Anna Gosney in eighth, Hannah Morris in ninth, Martina Gershon in 10th, Sophia Quinn in 11th, Sierra King in 13th and Alissa Wong in 15th.

Sunday was slalom day with two on-run events. Kasper Woolley took gold for the WMSC in both events, while Finn Iles won two silver medals and Asher Jordan two bronze medals. In the first event there were six other WMSC racers in the top 15 — Davis Bosnall-Jevning in fifth, Myles Kowalczyk in sixth, Griffin Smith in seventh, Dawson Yates in 10th, Nikola Filipovic in 12th and Kai Labrenz in 15th. In the second race the top 15 included Davis Bonsall-Jevning in fourth, Myles Kowalczyk in sixth, Matthew MacDonald in ninth, Kai Labrenz in 11th and Dawson Yates in 12th.

Katie Fleckenstein won both of the girls' slalom races, one of them by close to two seconds. In the first race she was joined on the podium by Nicole Mah of Grouse and Ella Renzoni of Cypress. Whistler skiers in the top 15 were Micah Morris in fourth, Mollie Jepsen in seventh, Martina Gershon in ninth, Hannah Morris in 10th, Lucy Turner in 11th, Sophia Quinn in 12th, Alissa Wong in 13th and Anna Gosney in 14th.

In the second race the silver and bronze went to Grouse Mountain skiers Frances MacDonald and Nicole Mah. Micah Morris was fourth once again; Mollie Jepsen was fifth, Erin Finan sixth, Lucy Turner seventh, Martina Gershon eighth, Hannah Morris 10th, Alissa Wong 12th and Ava Melenchuk 15th.